Reeder 3 gets a public beta for Mac

Reeder 3

Renowned RSS feed reading app, Reeder, is one of the best feed reading experiences on the Mac. And so I was quite happy when I learned that Reeder 3 was finally entering public beta.

Reeder 3 will be a free update for Reeder 2 for Mac users. It comes with brand new themes and an OS X Yosemite-centric modern UI, among many other additions. Check out the full change log and download link in this post.

Reeder 3 beta

I know I’ve tended to rag on Reeder developer Silvio Rizzi in the past for taking so long to push updates, but that’s because I consider Reeder to be the best feed reading experience money can buy. It’s not perfect—there’s STILL NO SEARCH which is downright baffling to me—but I can live with that.

Here are the release notes for Reeder 3.0 beta 1:


  • Reeder 3 requires at least Mac OS X 10.10
  • Reeder 3 will be a free update for Reeder 2 for Mac users
  • Sharing services still need some work

Reeder Themes

What’s new

  • More themes
  • Updated UI
  • Unread and starred counts for smart folders
  • Hide smart folders in unread/starred view if there are no unread/starred items
  • Private browsing support (see Settings > Reading)
  • Display the URL in the status bar when hovering a link in the article viewer or browser
  • New article viewer display settings: separate font and uppercase options for the title
  • Fullscreen now also works when in minimized layout mode

Sync Services

  • New service: Instapaper
  • Feedbin: Support for Saved Searches
  • Readability: Tags
  • Readability: Delete articles
  • Minimal Reader: Tags
  • Inoreader: Tags
  • BazQux Reader: Tags
  • Feedly: Tags
  • Feedly: New setting to enable downloading of read items (disabled by default)
  • RSS (local): Tags


  • Disabled “Mark all as read” for read later services (Readability and Instapaper)


  • Inoreader authentication
  • Incorrect unread/starred counts
  • Reeder now uses San Francisco as UI font on El Capitan
  • Full screen split view on El Capitan
  • Various visual glitches on El Capitan

Not Fixed

You can download Reeder 3.0 beta 1 by visiting this link.

I stopped using Reeder because of its lack of updates, but now that the public beta is out for Reeder 3.0, I’m back on the wagon.

Do you still use RSS in your daily routine? If so, which app do you use to keep up with your feeds?