FirstLetter review: a word game designed specifically for Apple Watch

FirstLetter 1

Personally, I am fascinated with the future of gaming on Apple Watch. While I am interested in apps that make my life more convenient and organized, I am really excided about apps that make my wearable technology fun.

FirstLetter is a game that was specifically designed for Apple Watch. It is playable on the iPhone, but its minimalist design and simple game mechanics make it perfect for the wrist worn device. We’ve got a game review of FirstLetter for you today.


The idea behind this game is that it is fast and easy to play. It requires only one tap per word puzzle and lasts only one minute per game. So, playing on Apple Watch doesn’t feel uncomfortable and you won’t look weird for staring at your wrist for 30 minutes.


The game is designed for Apple Watch, so everything is big and easy to see. There is some setup required on iPhone. For example, to play with others, you must connect the game to Facebook on your iPhone. You can then play with friends or random players on Apple Watch.

The mechanics are designed so that you only have to tap the screen once per puzzle, so you won’t have to worry about scrolling around on the watch screen, trying to find what you are looking for.

Because each game only lasts one minute, you won’t have your face pressed against your Apple Watch all day as you try to beat your highest score.

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Players try to solve puzzles by selecting the first letter of a word or phrase. The letters of a specific word or phrase are displayed across the screen. A timer bar sits at the top, reminding you of how much time you have left in the game.

Tap the first letter to see if you are correct. If so, you earn one point and move onto the next puzzle. If you guess incorrectly, you do not earn a point. The answer is revealed, and you move onto the next puzzle.

You can play solo to practice your skills, or go a few rounds against a friend or random player. Once logged into Facebook, tap “New Friend Game” or “New Random Game” to play against someone. Your request will be sent to the player. When the player has finished his or her one-minute game, you will receive a notification on Apple Watch and your iPhone.

You won’t know how your opponent did until the end of your game. After the score is revealed, you can rematch with that player in a Best of 10 round, or find a new player to compete against.

All of the same things can be done on the iPhone, so your friend doesn’t need Apple Watch to play against you. The setup and look is exactly the same.

The game is advertisement supported. On Apple Watch, if it is time for an ad, you will receive a message to go back to the iPhone to view it before continuing your game.

FirstLetter 3

The Good

The mechanics are very simple and easy to use. It provides a quick and fun word game on the Apple Watch to help you pass the time while you are waiting for something.

I love being able to compete against others. You are scored by how many correct answers you get in one minute. I was quickly able to match up with a number of random players and didn’t have to wait for them to respond to my request for a challenge.

The Bad

Since the game is advertisement supported, you must go back to your iPhone to view them. This annoying issue is easily mitigated with an in-app purchase to remove ads.

The words repeat too often. I’ve already seen about a dozen words repeat in only about 30 games. I’ve seen a few of them repeat more than twice.

There seems to be a couple of minor glitches, like notifications not working every time, which still need to be worked out.


FirstLetter is free to download, but requires you to return to your iPhone to view advertisements. Because it is so annoying to have to pull out your iPhone every few rounds, the necessary solution is to pay for ad removal for $1.99. The game has a very high replay value since you can compete against any number of people at any given time.


This game is fun and easy to pick up and play. I enjoyed the social aspect of being able to compete against others in best of rounds. The advertisement support means you can’t enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted experience without having to pay two dollars. Since there are still a few minor issues to work out (like repeating words), it is not really worth $1.99 yet. So, download for free to try it out, but expect it to sit unplayed until a few updates make it worth paying for. Download it in the App Store today.

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