Lifeline… is a fun interactive game you can play on your iPhone or Apple Watch

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The longer Apple Watch exists, the more companion apps will become available. Many apps are simply notification related, which will help you stay connected with your iPhone, even while it stays in your pocket.

Lifeline… is a text-based game where players interact with a stranded space traveler. Playing it on Apple Watch will make you feel like you are living in some kind of sci-fi future in the past, like Lost in Space.

This game plays out in real time. That is, the real time of the protagonist. Taylor, the space traveler that has been stranded alone with a busted ship, has a life to live. With your help, he can survive his ordeal, but your help has to be on his own time. If he is resting, or busy doing something, you must wait until he is ready to contact you before you can continue.

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While this may sound like a pay-as-you-go style of game, it isn’t. Players pay once up front with no in-app purchases. However, strangely, you must still wait for Taylor. No, you can’t speed up time with a few hundred gems. You must be patient.

When in communication with you, Taylor will ask you for advice, request direction, and reminisce about his life with you. Some of the choices you make when helping Taylor will have a direct impact on his life. Some decisions will cause his death.

You can play the story out to the end to see what his fate is, or rewind the clock and go back in time to a previous decision and make a different choice, just to see what happens.

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You can play out the conversations with Taylor on your iPhone, but if you are one of the lucky few to have Apple Watch sitting on your wrist right now, you can also communicate with the lonely space traveler without having to look at your iPhone screen. Instead, your chats will appear on Apple Watch. Just like getting a text message from a friend, you’ll get a tap on your wrist, letting you know that Taylor wants to talk to you. Sometimes, he is just looking for someone to talk to. Other times, he needs your help if he is going to make it out alive.

Lifeline… is available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch for $2.99. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of this text based game? Will you play it on Apple Watch?