How to quickly close all Finder windows on Mac

Have you ever had a ton of Finder windows open and took the time to close each window one by one? I think some people get into the habit of doing this simply because Command + Q (shortcut to quit an app) doesn’t work with Finder. (Finder is always running and you can’t “quit” the Finder app. Therefore the popular shortcut for closing apps won’t work with it.)

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be relegated to the tedious effort required to manually close a bunch of Finder windows. Instead of individually closing out each window that you have open, there’s a simple way to quickly close all open Finder windows.

Many Finder windows open on Mac

How to close all Finder windows at once

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Hold the Option key while clicking File from the top menu bar.
  3. Click Close All.

This will close all Finder windows in one fell swoop. Actually, the Close All command works with pretty much any app, but it’s especially useful for Finder since you can’t actually quit the Finder like you can with other apps.

If you’d prefer to avoid the menu bar, you can just use this keyboard shortcut instead: Option + Command + W

Here’s a tiny video showing the above steps in action:

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