How to embed Twitter videos on your website

Twitter has had a nice JavaScript-powered embed widget available on the web for quite some time now. Anyone is permitted to use the widget to highlight and inject specific tweets into their own blog posts and on websites.

Soon after the micro-blogging startup introduced the ability to shoot video directly within its mobile apps more than a month ago, the need arose for embedding Twitter video.

In this post, I’ll show you how to use Twitter’s widget to get the embed code for Twitter-hosted video to use on your own website or blog.

How to get embed code for Twitter-hosted video

Step 1: Visit an URL to your chosen tweet using a browser and click on ••• right below the tweet. Choose “Embed Video” from the menu, as seen in the example below.

How to embed Twitter-hosted video

Step 1: Copy the generated HTML markup and paste it on your website or blog to display a video-focused embed.

Embed video from tweet

By default, the video widget displays the full tweet when a viewer selects the Twitter logo. You can elect to not include the tweet when the logo is clicked by unpicking the “Include Tweet when logo is clicked” box.


Keep in mind that video embeds are only available for video content captured and uploaded through Twitter’s apps for iOS and Android as well as Twitter Amplify partners.