iCloud web portal again employing two-factor authentication

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Several users have noticed that iCloud.com is once again employing two-factor authentication for users who have activated the security measure. The two-step process first popped up on the iCloud web portal back in June, but the feature was quickly pulled for unknown reasons.

For those unfamiliar with Apple’s implementation of two-factor authentication, it requires users to verify their identity via text message or Find My iPhone push notification. It provides an extra layer of security in the event a user’s device or Apple ID info becomes compromised.

The addition of the feature to iCloud.com today comes a week after Apple CEO Tim Cook told reporters that the company plans to beef up security for its cloud services. Although Apple denies that its servers were breached, iCloud was blamed in the recent celebrity photo leak scandal.

Cook pledged that Apple would enable two-factor authentication for iCloud, and do a better job of educating its customers on the feature. He also said that it would begin notifying users every time that their device is restored, their iCloud is accessed, or a password change is attempted.

Apple originally introduced two-factor authentication back in March of last year. If you need help enabling the feature, click here.