Matter will turn your photos into geometric artwork

Matter 1

The makers of Tangent and Fragment are back with their newest geometric overlay app. If you have a soft spot for prismatic photo effects that integrate right in with the subject matter, Pixite’s latest submission to the genre is right up your alley.

Matters is a geometric overlay photo effects app that lets you create stunning pieces of photographic art that can be turned into moving pictures. We’ve got a hands-on app review of Matter for you here…


This app is designed similar to the company’s previous titles. The main portion of the screen shows the photograph to be edited and the bottom portion displays the various overlay options.

In this app, users can select from a wide variety of objects, divided by packs. Scroll through the objects by swiping your finger across the bottom of the screen until you find the shape you want. Each object will automatically appear as you swipe it through the highlight spot, so you can immediately see what it looks like.

Once you’ve chosen an image, you can then change the style, alter the shadow, or mask off the shape with the available features. Each editing section is listed below the list of shapes.

Shapes can also be resized and rotated either by selecting from the shape movement options, or by using your fingers. Single-finger touch rotates the shape horizontally and vertically. Two-finger touch allows you to move the shape to a different place on the screen or adjust its size.

When you’re done editing your overlay, you see what it will look like when the shape is moving around. Tap the arrow in the upper right corner and select the video section. Select the rotation and speed and watch your 2-D picture transform into a unique 3-D mini movie.

Matter 3

App Use

To get started, upload a photo from your iPhone’s camera roll or take a picture using the in-app camera. If none of your images seem like they will look right with a giant geometric shape stuck in the middle of them, Pixite has made it possible for you to use someone else’s subject matter. The app includes a selection of “Free For All” community contributed images that are available, by permission from the artist, for you to use. The only requirement is that you credit the original photographer when you post your artwork for the public.

Now that you’ve got your picture uploaded, it’s time to choose a shape. Shape packs include “Primitive Objects,” which features polygons, circles, discs and other basic shapes, “Unique Structures,” which focuses on the types of objects you might see in public art, “Polyonfire Collection” which are thin geometric constructs designed by artist Syamil Haqimi, and “Organic Elements,” which includes natural shapes like crystals and bursts.

Each pack includes about a dozen-and-a-half shapes. Select the one that fits the image. Then, move onto the reflective style. The default look is reflective, which mimics a mirror image of the objects in the photo. You can also use a refractive look, a solid shape look, transparent, thin wire, dots, and partial fade. You can also use a different image to reflect inside the geometric shape. Select the photo icon to choose a picture and it will appear within the reflective or refractive shape. Again, choose the style that works right with the photo.

You can adjust the direction that the geometric shape’s shadow falls. Select the shadow option and drag the shadow around to change were it lies. You can also adjust the opacity and sharpness of the shadow. These effects can make a shadow look closer or further away.

You can also erase portions of the geometric shape using the masking feature. This will allow you to remove a portion of the object so it looks like it is behind the subject in the photo, which better integrates the effect.

Now it’s time to turn this mess into a cool video. Tap the small arrow in the upper right corner of the screen to access the video feature. The geometric shape on the screen will begin spinning.

You can adjust the direction of the spin, speed up or slow down the movement, make the shape pulse, or let it hover. To turn the edited clip into a mini movie, tap “Make Video.” The app will compress the data and make the video available to share on Instagram, Facebook, SMS, or email. The video will be 13 seconds long and will automatically save to your camera roll. Don’t forget to credit the original photographer if you use one of the “Free For All” community contributed pictures.

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The Good

Just like all of Pixite’s previous photography apps, this one is awesome for creating unique and interesting art. I love the fact that you can turn stationary geometric shapes into awesome video clips.

The Bad

There is nothing wrong with this app. It works smoothly, has lots of features, and makes it very easy for you to create cool art without even having to use your own pictures.


Matter costs $1.99, which is exactly the right price for an app like this. Even though there are a number of different “packets” with overlays, you aren’t asked to pay money to unlock them. You get what you pay for, which is a lot.


If you are a fan of Pixite’s other apps, this one is a no-brainer. You want it. The video feature turns the entire experience into an event. Fans of overlay effects apps in general should definitely check this out. It is full of interesting customizable features. Download it in the App Store today.

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As I mentioned above, this app is similar to Fragment and Tangent. It can also be compared to Union, which is a photo blending app, and LoryStripes, which lets you add colorful lines to your images.

Do you like to use photo overlay effects? What do you think of Matter?