Tangent transforms your photos with shapes, colors and other effects

tangent ss

Watch out Instagram, there’s a new photo editing app out that uses one-tap effects to enhance photographs taken with the iPhone. It’s called Tangent, and it promises to transform your photos into amazing works of art.

The app doesn’t use your typical filters though—you won’t find Earlybird or X-Pro II here. Instead, it uses scalable shapes, color fills, light blends and other effects to allow you to customize your photos like never before…

tangent ss 1

Here are Tangent’s unique features:

– 15 easy-to-use, fully customizable styles that professionally combine shapes, fills and blends for an amazing look
– 39 versatile shapes (11 out of the box)
– 43 background fills (11 out of the box)
– 350 stunning combinations of blends and colors
– Simple-to-use slider lets you adjust colors and opacity 
– Completely scalable–rotate, zoom, drag and resize 
– Unlimited combinations of shapes, fills, and blends that will completely transform any photo into a work of art
– Share instantly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The app itself is well designed and easy to use. Simply take a photo, or pull one from your Camera Roll, and start customizing. Once you’re finished, you can share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with a single tap.

And here’s a video of the app in action:

I’m not quite sure what to make of Tangent yet. It’s very different than anything else I’ve ever seen or played with before, so it has that going for it. Plus, people in my Twitter stream can’t seem to stop talking about it.

At the very least I’d say it’s worth checking out—especially if you’re in the market for, or just love playing with, new photo apps. As usual, you can find Tangent in the App Store, and it has a price tag of $0.99.

Have you tried Tangent yet? Thoughts?