Facebook the company rebrands itself to Meta

Rumors had been swirling for a bit that Facebook, the social networking giant, was planning to rebrand in a major way. Starting with its name. And, indeed, it turns out those rumors were right on the money because today the company has confirmed those plans.

Instagram will now require users share their date of birth to use the service

In an effort to make its platform a generally safer place for its younger users, the Facebook-owned Instagram has confirmed a relatively big change for the service moving forward. The social network has confirmed that it will require a bit of information for its users if they want to continue to use the service.

Today, Instagram confirmed that, moving forward, users will need to provide their date of birth if they want to keep using the photo- and video-sharing platform. The company is now asking users for the information if they haven't already shared it. The company says the change will "create safer, more private experiences for young people."