How to force remove a paired Bluetooth device from your iPhone

I had this strange problem happening for a while on my iPhone 5s where I was unable to forget a Bluetooth device that had been paired before. I did have the option, but it just wouldn’t work, which I must say led to frustrating moments of cursing and yelling at my iPhone.

But as it turned out, the problem came from the fact that my iPhone 5s was jailbroken, and some tweak I had installed was causing the issue. When I realized that, it didn’t take long until I was able to fix the issue.

While I don’t doubt you already know how to do just that, I will show you how to delete Bluetooth devices that are connected to your iPhone or iPad, but I will also share with you how I fixed my issue at the same time, so that if the problem ever happens to you, you’ll know what to do right away…

How to delete paired Bluetooth device from iPhone

To remove a Bluetooth device from your iPhone’s settings, simply follow these steps. Note that the process is the same with an iPad.

1) Go to Settings > Bluetooth.

2) Tap on the little “i” icon of the Bluetooth device you want to remove.

Bluetooth devices

3) Tap “Forget this Device.”

Bluetooth forget this device

4) Confirm by tapping “Forget Device.”

Bluetooth forget device

The device should have successfully been removed from your list of connected devices.

How to force remove paired Bluetooth devices

This trick will only work if your iPhone is jailbroken. If your iPhone is not jailbroken, then the instructions above should do the trick for you. If your iPhone is jailbroken and won’t let you forget connected Bluetooth devices, then follow these instructions.

1) Turn off your iPhone.

2) Turn on your iPhone.

3) As soon as you see the Apple logo, press and hold the Volume Up button. Keep holding until you see your iPhone Lock screen. This will force your iPhone to start in Safe Mode where all jailbreak extensions are disabled.

4) Follow the instructions above to remove paired Bluetooth devices.

5) Reboot your iPhone.

That is it! Hopefully this will help you fix your Bluetooth-related problems.