Video: time-lapse photography in iOS 8

iOS 8 iconThe world’s top camera on Flickr will get a lot better when iOS 8 drops this Fall. As Apple executives outlined during the WWDC keynote talk, the stock Camera application in iOS 8 introduces a new shooting mode: time-lapse photography.

This lets you leave your iPhone automatically taking pictures every few seconds over a predetermined amount of time. iOS 8 then stitches the individual frames together to form gorgeous time-lapse videos.

Time-lapse photography is great for shooting changes that occur over longer periods of time, such as the clouds moving across the sky, skyscrapers being built, blossoming flowers, sunset/sunrise scenes and more. Here’s an example time-lapse video shot using an iPhone 5s running a beta of iOS 8…

Here it is, courtesy of YouTube user ‘iTwe4kz‘:

Quite awesome, no?

Time-lapse mode in iOS 8 is available on iPads, too.

I haven’t had a chance yet to try it on my device, but here’s hoping  it doesn’t require the screen to stay on constantly during the capture. There doesn’t seem to be a way of specifying the capturing interval. Time-lapse videos are saved in your Camera roll in a separate album, like panorama images.

Of course, folks who are jailbroken have enjoyed time-lapse photography for quite some time, thanks to jailbreak tweaks like Cameratweak and Cameratweak HD. If you’re not jailbroken, the App Store offers some nice time-lapse photography apps such as GoPro and Lapse It Pro.

As part of opening up iOS 8 more to developers, Apple is now allowing app makers to use the official SDK to create extensions for editing photos or videos right within the Photos app. These Photo Editing App Extensions will be distributed in the App Store, but as part of the “containing app” rather than standalone.

What’s your go-to app/solution to capture time-lapse videos on your iPhone?