iOS 8 introduces time-lapse videos

Time Lapse Videos iOS 8

Apple has added an interesting new time-lapse video feature to the stock Camera app in iOS 8, useful for capturing things like the sun setting or the bustling of a busy city street. The new mode functions by snapping photos at dynamically selected intervals, and then grouping those photos together into an accelerated sequence. The result is a short video showing what you recorded over a predetermined amount of time… 

To create your own time-lapsed video in iOS 8, simply open the Camera app and swipe to that mode. Then, tap the record button and let the camera record for as long as you desire. The new Camera app on iOS 8 will automatically store all of your time-lapsed videos in a dedicated album on iPhone. I imagine we will be seeing a lot of these time-lapsed videos popping up on social platforms like Vine and Instagram very soon.

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