Here are apps from Apple’s ‘Strength’ iPhone 5s ad

Apple iPhone 5s ad (Strenth, image 002)

Yesterday evening, Apple began airing a new iPhone 5s television commercial under the now familiar ‘You’re More Powerful Than You Think’ tagline. The nicely done upbeat commercial focuses on seven popular fitness apps and accessories to suggest that “hey, we’ve already got wearables!”

Like the previous ‘Powerful’ spot which came with a special webpage highlighting all of the featured apps, Apple has now listed the apps used in the ‘Strength’ commercial…

If you hop over to Apple’s website, you can stream the ad or explore the apps from the one-minute film.

Here they are:

Wahoo Fitness [iPhone, free] – Running/cycling/fitness app with personal fitness goal and support for Wahoo Fitness sensors to track heart rate and stride rate data, cycling speed, cadence and power data for more than 39 different fitness activities.

Zepp Golf [iPhone, free] – Designed to work with the Zepp multi-sport motion sensor, Zepp Golf uses the motion sensor and a glove mount to capture and analyze your swing in 3D, from any angle. It can track club head speed, swing plane, hand path, tempo, backswing position, hip rotation and more.

Misfit Shine [iPhone, free] – A companion app for the elegant, all-aluminum activity and sleep tracker that launched last August. It syncs data wirelessly with the iPhone app which can analyze your daily movement and activities to tell you how active you are on any give day. You can set personal goals to improve your performance, check your activity progress and see stats like steps, calories and distance, chart your daily progress, see sleep quality and duration, set sleep goals and more.

SprintTimer [Universal, $2.99] – Photo-finish software for coaches billed as “the most advanced sports timer in the App Store.” It uses captured video to create an image composed of narrow slices to make possible separation of competitors at the finish line with a crazy resolution of 0.01 second, basically the same principles tapped by the pro equipment used at the Olympic Games.

Nike+ Running [iPhone, free] – Not long ago, you needed a Nike+ shoe sensor to track your runs. Now your iPhone gets the job done, and then some more, just as efficiently. With this app, you can track your runs on the trail, treadmill, streets and more with in-run audio feedback and compare your results to friends on Nike+. It uses the iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer to measure your distance travelled, pace and time.

miCoach [iPhone, free] – Control, strike and manipulate the ball using miCoach to fine tune your technique, with instant feedback on power, spin, strike and trajectory, along with tips, guidance, ball mastery technique videos and more.

Health Mate [iPhone, free] – Track your daily activities, get motivated, challenge friends to a steps challenge, connect with Withings line of health trackers for a seamless Health Coaching experience and much more.

In addition to these seven apps found in the App Store, the commercial features several scenes of an iPhone 5s being used to capture super slow-motion video at 120 frames per second using the Slow-Mo mode of the handset’s back-facing iSight camera.

And here’s the ‘Strength’ ad.

“You have the power to create, shape and share your life,” explains Apple. “It’s right there in your hand. Or bag. Or poket. It’s your iPhone 5s”

That soundtrack?

It’s a song called “Chicken Fat” by Robert Preston, released in 1961 to get schoolchildren to do more daily exercise.