All-aluminum, completely waterproof physical activity tracker Shine launches

Misfit Shine (teaer 001)

A company called Misfit Wearables has launched an interesting physical activity tracker device, the Shine, which works with iOS devices and can be worn anywhere on your body via the included clasp and optional add-ons.

Originally an Indiegogo project, the Shine goes beyond your typical pedometer by tapping proprietary sensor algorithms that not only track your steps, but also cycling and swimming. It’s available now via the online Misfit store and is expected soon in brick-and-mortar and online Apple Stores…

The physical activity tracker syncs with your smartphone just by placing it on the screen, via the free Misfit Shine app. In addition to syncing your progress, the app lets you set your activity goal, check your daily progress and see your movement trends.

The device itself is minimalistic and just gorgeous.

Simply tap it and a halo of lights appear to tell you how you’re tracking to your daily activity goal.

Unlike traditional pedometers, the Misfit Shine’s proprietary sensor algorithms can track cycling and swimming in addition to just steps so you’ll get more credit where credit is due.

The accessory is carved out of a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum and is completely waterproof.

How did they overcome wireless transmission issues due to the all-metal body?

Here, the promo video explains it all.

The Shine uses a three-axis accelerometer and a CR2032 coin cell battery, for those wondering. Oh, and it tells the time of day and tracks your sleeping, too.

A FAQ states that users needn’t worry about electromagnetic waves because “sensing devices such as Shine generally emit less than 1/10,000th the same amount of electromagnetic energy as your cell phone”.

The Shine retails for $99.95 over at the Misfit online store (a clasp is included).

A range of overpriced add-ons are available, such as a $19.95 sports wristband, a stylish $79.95 leather band and a $79.95 necklace.

According to MacRumors, the Shine briefly appeared on Apple’s online store yesterday in a $119.95 package that includes Shine’s sport band bracelet strap. The entry has been removed from the store since for reasons unknown.

Before signing off, let me just point out that Misfit was co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley, now a Silicon Valley investor.