Apple TV+ Friday Night Baseball starts streaming April 8

Earlier this week, Apple hosted its "Peek Performance" event. While the company took plenty of time to talk about new products, like the green iPhone 13 options, it also broke the news that it's making the leap to streaming live sports, too. Up first is Major League Baseball, with Apple TV+ hosting "Friday Night Baseball" on a weekly basis.

Apple to start streaming live MLB games on Apple TV+

Lost in the sea of announcements today is that Apple will soon be offering live streams of baseball games. The company has partnered with the MLB for 'Friday Night Baseball,' an initiative that will bring two marque regular season games to Apple TV+ every week.

How to add the 2020 Euro Cup calendar to your iPhone, iPad and Mac

2020 Euro Cup calendar

The 2020 Euro Cup Championship games are finally kicking off next week after a long delay. It was originally meant to take place last year, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, matches had to be postponed. If you're a fan, then you probably want to stay on top of all the games, or at least the ones where your favourite teams are playing. The best way to keep track of the matches is to add the fixtures to your Calendar.

Wallpapers of the week: sports in action

The field of competition inspires drive and passion. In today's Wallpapers of the Week addition, we celebrate the arenas in which we challenge ourselves to excel. Whether your pitch is the water or a skate park, the following wallpaper set celebrates your competitive nature. These photos capture the beauty of the spaces in which we square off to prove ourselves.