Apple debuts new stories for its ‘Your Verse’ iPad campaign


Apple has posted two new stories to its ongoing ‘Your Verse’ iPad campaign this weekend: one featuring Finnish conductor and composer Esa-Pekka Salonen, and one involving famed traveler and writer Chérie King.

Like previous ‘Your Verse’ spots, the stories serve as answers to the question posed in Apple’s ‘What Will Your Verse Be‘ advert, promoting the idea that the iPad can be used for both content consumption and creation…

Here’s an excerpt from Salonen’s story:

But he recognizes there’s an untapped audience that assumes classical music is not for them. “Prejudice is the biggest problem in terms of classical music. There is this idea that it’s something for old people. You have to behave in a certain way, you have to wear certain types of clothes, you have to be kind of hopelessly boring. And none of this is true.”

To open up classical music for a new generation of listeners, Salonen set out to demystify the workings of an orchestra. “I wanted to shed light on the symphony orchestra — its history and its present. To explain how and why it works the way it works,” he says. That led Salonen and his colleagues in the Philharmonia to develop The Orchestra app for iPad.

The composer goes on to explain how he uses Apple’s tablet to help him compose symphonies, saying that the iPad has become “an extension” of his mind. The story also features videos and links to related iTunes content.
Now here’s an excerpt from King’s story:

Born with no hearing in both ears, King relies primarily on her ability to read lips, leaning on her hearing aid to help understand conversations better. She’s traveled to 31 countries and five continents. Along the way, her iPad has become an indispensable sidekick. “Even simple things like overhead announcements at airports are hard for me to pick up,” says King. “So I’ve missed flights because I didn’t hear about a gate change. Now I use apps on my iPad to see notifications of flight changes.” King uses multiple apps — from travel guides to maps to language and translation apps — to connect with people and explore every destination to the fullest. “iPad is one of my essential travel tools,” says King.

Again, the story features multiple videos and links to related iTunes content. You can see which applications King uses to help her travel around the world, and then which apps she uses to help her document the journey.

Unsurprisingly, both stories are fascinating and well worth checking out. I wonder, though, if they serve their purpose from a marketing standpoint. The average person isn’t traveling the world or composing symphonies.

What do you think about the latest additions to Apple’s Your Verse campaign?