Apple acquires micro-LED display maker LuxVue


Apple has acquired LuxVue Technology, a company that makes low-power displays for mobile electronics, according to TechCrunch. Citing sources close to the transaction, the site reports that the iPad-maker has added LuxVue to its hardware innovations team.

Little is known about the deal, and even less is known about the company. Other than its big $43 million in funding, LuxVue has managed to fly under the radar. Patents reveal, however, that it specializes in micro-LED tech that could be used in future iOS devices…

Here’s the report from TechCrunch:

Apple has acquired LuxVue Technology, a stealthy company that had been working on micro-LED, screen technologies, we’ve heard from sources close to the transaction. The company had raised $43 million in funding from Kleiner Perkins, iD Ventures America and others.

LuxVue had managed to remain fairly quiet over the past few years, and what we know is that the company develops low-power, micro-LED-based displays for consumer electronics. We’ve heard Apple acquired the company to add to their hardware innovations area.

And here’s an excerpt from a previous TC report on the company:

He said the company has invested in another stealth company called Luxvue that he claims has a technical breakthrough in displays. He explained that displays waste a lot of energy and a more efficient display would waste far less battery power. 

Apple has confirmed the acquisition with the site by offering up its boilerplate statement: ‘Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.’ It’s not known, however, when the deal was completed.

During the company’s earnings call last week, Tim Cook announced that Apple has acquired 24 companies in the last 18 months. He noted that it’s not in a race to spend the most or acquire the most, but “in a race to make the best products that enrich people’s lives.”

Other recently-reported Apple acquisitions include speech recognition firm Novauris, testing platform developer Burstly, and burst photo app-maker SnappyLabs.