How to make Chrome your default browser on iOS

Chrome iOS iPhone

It took several years for Apple to allow third party web browsers in the App Store, and when it finally did, many users rushed to download Chrome, Google’s own browser based on Apple’s WebKit, and basically a sophisticated wrapper for mobile Safari.

While users can now use various web browsers on iOS, Safari still is the default one. It means that if you open links sent to you via email or text message, the links will automatically open in Safari.

What if you want Chrome to be the default browser on iOS?

The concept of changing the default browser on iOS is nothing new. For a couple of years now, jailbreakers have been able to change the default browser to anything they want, thanks to handy tweaks such as BrowserChooser. As it turns out, there are several similar options in Cydia.

Open in Chrome is one of these. Developed by Andrew Richardson, and recently updated for iOS 7, the tweak does exactly what its name suggest: it opens links in Chrome. After installing the tweak from Cydia, any link you open in an SMS, email, or application will open directly in Chrome. Additionally, your bookmarks added to the Home screen will also open in Chrome. So will links opened using Siri or Spotlight Search.

In short, you’ll never see Safari again, unless of course you choose to launch the app and browse the web directly from there.

Open in Chrome can easily be turned on and off from the Settings app, which is always a nice addition, no matter what the nature of tweak is.

If you want to make Chrome the default browser on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, give Open in Chrome a try. It is currently free in the ModMyi repo.