Path updated with Premium subscription, private sharing, inner circles and more

Path 3.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Path 3.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Path, the increasingly popular private social network, has released a major new update to its iPhone and iPad application which enables paid accounts while bringing a couple other improvements like private sharing, the ability to engage with your inner circles, a bunch of new stickers and more. You will also love the ability to manage your friends in-app more easily, thanks to the friends list in the left menu and messages in the right menu. Previously, accessing your friends list was a multi-tap affair, which used to drive me nuts…

First things first: Path has a new, iOS 7-friendly app icon.

Path 3.2 for iOS (app icon, small)

More importantly, Path version 3.2 now supports paid Premium accounts.

Whether or not you feel like supporting Path, you can subscribe to Path Premium for such exclusive benefits as unlimited free sticker packs, unlimited free camera filters and early access to new Shop items.

Upgrade to Path Premium and get exclusive benefits, including unlimited sticker packs, unlimited camera filters, and early access to new Shop items. Plus, you’ll be joining the movement to keep our personal lives private and ad-free.

According to a message on Path’s blog earlier this month, a Premium Path account is available for purchase as an annual subscription on iOS and Android for $14.99.

You can also opt for a one-month subscription for $1.99 on Android or a three-month subscription on iOS for $4.99. The company promised to add additional features to Path Premium that will allow you to “further customize and personalize your Path”.

path 32 update

The new private sharing feature introduces even more finely-grained controls so you can have complete control over who sees each post and share any Path moment privately with one or more friends.

“Capture a moment and share it privately with one or more friends on a moment-by-moment basis,” the startup says in iTunes release notes.

You may also like the Inner Circle feature.

Path now lets you define a group of friends that will be in your inner circle and share moments only with that particular subset of your Path friends. You can also filter your feed to see only moments from your Inner Circle and tell Path to only push alerts from your Inner Circle.

In addition to the under-the-hood fixes and a little housekeeping, the new Path has brought out an additional four stickers: In Transit, Baby Talk, Everyday Hero and Mr. Viking.

Download Path free from the App Store.