6 ways to find the full path of a file or folder on Mac

How to find file or folder path name on Mac

As you know, your computer stores files using a hierarchical structure. So if you need to find the full path of a file, it’s good to know the various ways you can do so on macOS. You might want the pathname to create a shortcut, need it for an app, or would like it as a reference for yourself.

We’ve covered different ways of finding and displaying the full path of a file. Here, we’ll round up those methods for you and include a couple more. So the next time you need the pathname of a file or folder on your Mac, you can use whichever is easiest or most comfortable for you.

Amazon App and Path updated with iPhone 6 support so you can see more content

iPhone 6 related updates for your favorite apps continue to roll in more than a month following the release of Apple's bigger handsets.

Following Plex's iPhone 6 update earlier this morning, both Amazon and Path have now refreshed their respective iOS applications with native display support for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus models.

If you're an early iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus adopter, you know why these updates matter: not only do optimized apps look crisp as anyone would expect, but also take advantage of greater pixel count to display more content, thereby requiring fewer taps and less scrolling.

Rumor: Apple planning to acquire social network Path

Apple is close to announcing an acquisition of the social network Path, according to a report from PandoDaily, in an attempt to bolster its social offerings. According to a lone-source said to be placed within Apple's engineering team: “It’s almost done, if not signed already, but it’s essentially a done deal.”

Path jumps on the private messaging bus, releases new Talk for iPhone app

Path, the private social network for families and close friends, is jumping on the messaging bandwagon with launch of a new privacy-focused, standalone messaging software for the iPhone.

Available free in the App Store, Path Talk is basically a spin-off of Path's in-app messenger. For starters, your message exchanges get automatically wiped out from the servers after 24 hours.

And, Path Talk has a nice Ambient Status feature that automatically lets your friends know when you’re in transit, in the neighborhood and even low on battery, possibly helping reduce some misunderstandings in online communication...

Five months later, Path gets its iOS 7 refresh. The question is, do you still care?

The once popular private social network, Path, has finally received today its way, way overdue iOS 7 refresh. I mean, the 2014 Valentine's Day is looming and Apple released iOS 7 back on September 18, 2013.

If you're still using Path - I don't as I'm pressed for time - you'll immediately notice a revamped appearance making the software adhere to the overall iOS 7 aesthetics.

Controls in Settings have been simplified, you can now use the iOS 7 swipe gesture to navigate the menus and browsing the Shop is now cleaner and more streamlined than it used to be.

The team says they've made the new version (3.4) simpler and easier to "do the things you do every day with Path". Jump past the fold to see some nice screenies and learn more about the app. Or, if you're impatient you can just go ahead and immediately grab Path 3.4 free in the App Store...

Path now lets you delete message threads, post to WordPress and more

You still remember the private social network Path, now don't you? Yes? No? It's OK, neither I have used Path in past few months and same could be said for the majority of its account holders, if my feed is an indication.

Now, the service saw its last major update back in September when the team unveiled a premium $14.99 annual subscription as itchy investors demanded that the social network start making money.

Path is of course still free to everyone and its nicely designed iPhone and iPad app has gained the ability to share stuff privately with your inner circles, among other things. And just when you thought Path was headed to the graveyard of technology, out comes a brand new holiday update with a couple goodies. Interested to learn more? Read on anyway...

Path updated with Premium subscription, private sharing, inner circles and more

Path, the increasingly popular private social network, has released a major new update to its iPhone and iPad application which enables paid accounts while bringing a couple other improvements like private sharing, the ability to engage with your inner circles, a bunch of new stickers and more. You will also love the ability to manage your friends in-app more easily, thanks to the friends list in the left menu and messages in the right menu. Previously, accessing your friends list was a multi-tap affair, which used to drive me nuts...

Path ups its monetization efforts with new $14.99 per year premium model

Path has announced this morning that it has a mobile app update on the way that will add deeper privacy controls that will allow users to choose who they share moments with. It also adds a premium model and other improvements.

And that's the big news here—this new subscription option. The social network is looking to ramp up its monetization efforts with a $14.99 per year Premium subscription service that gives users full access to stickers, filters and more...

Path updated with new Friend Progress Bar, store items and more

Path users will be happy to hear that the social network has seeded an update to its iOS client today. The update, which brings the app to version 3.1.1, includes a handful of new features, as well as various improvements and bug fixes.

One of the more noticeable changes in 3.1.1 is the updated Friend Progress Bar. Path introduced the feature, which helps users better track their friends' stories, in the last update. And now, those that found it annoying can easily remove it...

Path prettifies iPad interface, launches stickers in comments

If you said Path had started this whole stickers craze with its March update, you wouldn't be lying. It's been a while since Path has seen any significant update, but the team saw to that with today's version 3.1 update.

So what's new, you ask...

Two takeaways: Path 3.1 takes stickers to comments while refreshing the iPad edition with improved navigation in both landscape and portrait views.

Yes, you can now enjoy a fully functioning composer button and feed in landscape on your Apple tablet. And akin to Facebook's Chat Heads feature, any conversations you’re having with friends are simply one tap away in the new Path build...

CEO defends against Path spamming allegations

The Path controversy just wouldn't die down. Last week, the private social network has gotten itself in hot water (again) by spamming users’ address book contacts with unwanted robocalls and texts, sometimes even after they uninstalled the software from their devices.

It's a feature rather than a bug, but Path’s poorly designed sign-up process tricked unsuspecting users - the types who don't read on-screen prompts carefully - into inadvertently mass-inviting their friends to Path.

And because Path taps extra carrier services, text messages would get turned to landlines into phone calls. None of this seems to aggravate Path CEO Dave Morin, who is a former Facebook employee.

He insisted Monday that Path does not spam users and argued his service never sent mass communication without your consent. "Any allegations to the contrary are false,” Morin said...

Path updated with enhanced privacy features and more

Attention Path users: the personal social network has just released a new version of its iOS app. The update brings the application to version 3.0.4, and includes enhanced privacy features, as well as other improvements and bug fixes.

The fact that it includes new privacy tools is particularly interesting, given that Path spent most of this past week dealing with privacy concerns after a user accused its app of 'erroneously' sending text messages to all of his contacts...