Microsoft posts series of terrible ads bashing new iPhones [updated]

Now, we’re no strangers to Microsoft’s anti-Apple marketing antics. Whether it be Surface against iPad or Windows Phone against iPhone, the company has made it very clear that they are gunning for Tim Cook and his team out there in Cupertino.

And up until now, the effectiveness of Microsoft’s ads have been questionable at best—it’s tough to proclaim your product is better than another when sales and reviews suggest the opposite. But these new commercials have to be the worst yet…

Microsoft has posted seven new videos to its Windows Phone YouTube channel this afternoon, as part of a new series it calls ‘A fly on the wall in Cupertino’. The ads purport to show iPhone 5c and 5s product pitch meetings with top-level Apple execs.

Here’s one of the videos:

And here’s links to the other clips:

  • The phone for everyone
  • Colours
  • Innovative materials
  • Polycarbonate
  • Innovative materials
  • Fingerprint reader

Putting aside the fact that none of the videos mention how Windows Phone is better than iOS, or show any of Microsoft’s products at all for that matter, the executive in the video with his back to the camera bears a strong resemblance to Steve Jobs.

We’re not sure exactly what Microsoft’s goal was for these spots, but we’re struggling to remember anything worse. Perhaps its sole intention for the clips was to get the Internet talking about the brand. And I suppose in that regard, they’ve succeeded.

What do you think of the ads?

Update: Well somebody at Microsoft must’ve realized how terrible they were, because it has just pulled all of the adverts. The videos now read ‘Private.’