‘Keyboard Control Pro’ lends enhanced control over the iOS keyboard

Keyboard Control Pro

Keyboard Control Pro is an upgrade to a tweak that we discussed a while back called The Quick Brown Fox. It’s a jailbreak release aimed at the iOS keyboard, and it allows for enhanced control over the keyboard’s basic functionality.

While very similar to the Quick Brown Fox, Keyboard Control Pro does include a few new features and refinements that might make it worth your while. Take a look at our full video walkthrough inside for more details.

One of the best things about Keyboard Control Pro is that it offers improved over its free predecessor. The Quick Brown Fox featured a setting called twins, which would allow you to auto complete an opening bracket or parenthesis with a closing symbol to make a pair. The only issue with the way The Quick Brown Fox handled this, was that it placed the cursor outside of the bracket so that you had to manually move the cursor back inside. Keyboard Control Pro remedies this issue by placing the cursor between the pair of symbols automatically.

Keyboard Control Pro features a whole new section in its preferences called Quick Input. The Quick Input section allows you to insert custom text after double tapping the spacebar. It also allows you to use tap and hold gestures on the ‘@’ key to insert a Twitter handle, and it can accommodate automatically entering in your email address on email address form fields.

So what’s the final verdict? My advice to you is to try the Quick Brown Fox first. If you like it, then you may consider dropping $1.99 on Keyboard Control Pro, which can be found on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.