‘The Quick Brown Fox’ brings new customization options to the stock iOS keyboard

The Quick Brown Fox Featured

The Quick Brown Fox — it sounds like a weird name for a jailbreak tweak, but you’ll quickly realize that it makes sense due to the fact that it adds some cool new features to the iOS keyboard. The Quick Brown Fox adds new features to your keyboard like Auto Twins, which automatically inserts a closing pair of parentheses or brackets when you typing the opening symbols. There’s also Auto Space, which automatically places a space behind any configured symbol key.

Lastly, and perhaps most significant, you have Jumping Keys. Jumping Keys allows you to configure certain symbols to automatically jump you back to the alpha keyboard once typed. It works exactly like the apostrophe key works on a stock keyboard, but this allows you to configure apostrophe-like action to virtually any symbol key.

The Quick Brown Fox may sound a bit confusing, but that’s what video walkthroughs were made for. Check inside, as we go hands-on The Quick Brown Fox, and showcase how it all works.

So yes, while the Quick Brown Fox sounds like something you’d see when opening up a font, or something you’d type in Mavis Beacon, it’s actually a really cool jailbreak tweak. Due to its name, it’s easy to overlook it, but don’t. After all, it is free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and it does some pretty original stuff. What do you think?