Apple’s marketing goes back to its roots

Designed by Apple in California

Earlier this week, Apple showed the WWDC crowd what could only be described as a pair of mission-statement videos. As we reported, these highlight Apple’s renewed focus on simplicity in iOS 7 and underscore its famous ‘Designed by Apple in California’ signature.

The commercials didn’t escape the attention of the eagle-eyed Bloomberg reporters who found out that Apple’s long-time advertising agency TBWA\Chiat\Day is responsible for these videos.

Watchful readers will remember that the same agency is behind the company’s most memorable advertisements like the ‘Think Different’ campaign and the now legendary ‘1984’ ad that launched the original Macintosh.

These clips are reportedly part of Apple’s ongoing branding campaign and more will follow soon…

According to the article, the commercials are meant to “revive interest in an aging product line and cement the iPhone maker’s bond with consumers”.

Just to get you up to speed, here’s the ‘Our Signature’ ad.

“Designed By Apple In California is etched on the back of every Apple product,” Apple writes, “Here, we explain why.”

Here’s the other video, titled ‘Intention’.

This one employs “simple phrases paired with elegant visuals describe the thoughts and emotions that go into creating each Apple product,” the company writes in YouTube description.

Bloomberg explains that the campaign will emphasize “the quality and reliability of Apple’s ecosystem of products, apps and content,” with more commercials to follow in the coming months.

These upcoming ads will continue to highlight Apple’s brand appeal and its seamless vertical integration rather than promote the iPhone or any one specific product.

We actually caught the first glimpse of Apple’s marketing shift in a 2011 iPad ad which basically states that Apple products are about much more than speeds and feeds.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bloomberg states that TBWA’s Media Arts Lab – a secret unit dedicated solely to the Apple account – is facing hurdles working with Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller because he isn’t as exacting as Steve Jobs was.

Since his death, the meetings are run by Philip W. Schiller, senior vice president of marketing, which has meant less clarity about what the company wants its ads to say, people familiar with Apple’s advertising said.

Once Jobs had made a decision, no one at Media Arts Lab argued for long. Now, its creative staff becomes frustrated more often when Schiller shoots down ideas, they said.

That was to be expected, if you ask me.

Lee Clow (below), the Chairman, Global Director and former Chief Creative Officer of TBWA whom Advertising Age likened  to “advertising’s art director guru”, was Steve’s personal friend.

Lee Clow (headshot 001)

The two men shared passion for top-notch marketing and memorable advertising. Their productive relationship spanning 30 years has turned Apple into the world’s greatest marketing machine.

Clow co-created Apple’s ‘Think Different’ slogan and has been credited with coming up with the memorable iPod silhouettes ad campaign and the famous ’1984′ ad.


TBWA’s recent Apple work also includes the inaugural iPad mini ad.

In a rare advertising mistake, Apple last year had been briefly airing weird Genius ads before pulling them shortly after due to poor reception.