Apple airs new adverts about Geniuses


Apple has begun airing interesting new commercials, possibly marking a subtle change in advertising direction. The adverts debuted during the Olympic Games opening ceremonies tonight. Rather than focus on the newly released Mountain Lion, the nine-month-old iPhone 4S or Siri (which is increasingly working against Apple these days), these new clips depicts Apple Store Geniuses solving problems for customers.

The first advert that can be seen above is aptly named Mayday and depicts a Genius on board an airplane helping a customer solve an issue before landing. Two more commercials are included right below for your viewing pleasure…

Hat tip to iClarified for first spotting these little gems.

The second advert titled Basically is also focused on Mac software. Here we have a Genius explaining to a customer what separates a Mac from an ordinary computer, like built-in apps.


The third one is called Labor Day tells a story of a Genius showing a soon-to-be father some of the cool stuff he can make with iPhoto.


The adverts are definitely quite different from what we’re accustomed to from Apple. Perhaps a change in creative direction has something to do with Apple’s hiring of Dixons former CEO John Browett as its new Senior Vice President of Retail?

Anyways, how did you like these commercials?

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