Google updates Gmail app for the iPhone 5

Google’s been on a roll these days. They brought as the official YouTube app and the awesome Chrome browser, have improved Google Contacts sync in iOS, are working on a standalone Maps app and Street View on the web and will soon launch an interesting traveling companion app called Field Trip. Plus, Google’s nice Gmail app for the iPhone and iPad is getting better with each iteration.

And earlier this morning, a minor update went live bringing support for the iPhone 5’s taller four-inch dispay, so you can see more of your messages in the list view and more content in the message view without needing to scroll quite as much. Another benefit of the taller display: typing gets easier as the virtual keyboard in landscape mode is a bit wider.

Also, this…

I just spotted this among the official screenshots Google provided on the App Store.

What do you know, a Steve Jobs quote.

Thank you very much Google, indeed!

A similar iPhone 5-focused update is in the works for the bellowed Sparrow app.

Speaking of which: hey Apple, how about giving your Apple Store app some iPhone 5 love? I’m sure those fugly black bars are not terribly user friendly.

Oh, almost forgot: couldn’t resist sharing this with you.

For what it’s worth, I think Microsoft is overblowing the Gmail privacy scare.

It’s not like anyone at Google sorts through your archive and reads your messages.

I actually love Gmail a lot and use it every day.

If you like the above commercial, you should like this one even better.

It amuses me that Microsoft is posting anti-Google advertising on YouTube, a Google property.

Surely you must have noticed by now how great a sucker I am for sticky advertising.