T-Mobile launches unlimited “4G” data plan

T-Mobile USA, the nation’s fourth-largest wireless company and the sole major U.S. carrier without the iPhone, today announced new unlimited “4G” data plan, as promised last month. The new plan will set you back $20 a month if you’re on T-Mobile’s Value plan or $30 a month for those on the Classic voice and text plan.

The new plans do away with speed limits or bandwidth throttling, the carrier said. Though T-Mobile continues with its dubious practice of advertising its network and these new plans under the “4G” moniker, in the carrier’s terminology this really means iPhone-compatible high-speed 3G HSPA+ as T-Mobile is way overdue with 4G LTE deployment

According to a media release, a single line Value plan with unlimited talk and text combined with unlimited nationwide 4G data will cost $69.99 a month. Likewise, a single line Classic plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited nationwide 4G data will cost $89.99 a month.

Seventy bucks a month for unlimited everything, not bad.

Existing customers on Classic or Value plans can simply upgrade their service by adding an Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan.

T-Mobile appears to have joined carrier Sprint in offering unlimited data as both Verizon and AT&T have been recently pushing their new shared data plans.


As for the iPhone, T-Mobile most likely won’t be getting Apple’s sought-after device this year. The carrier allegedly will install unlocked iPhone displays in stores, a part of its “Bring Your Own iPhone” campaign meant to encourage unlockers to try out 3G data on their iPhones and demonstrate its refarmed network.

It was also reported yesterday that T-Mobile started distributing iPhone-friendly nano SIM kits to retailers in anticipation of the next iPhone launch on September 12.

To get more details on T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide “4G” Data plan, head over here.

What do you think of this unlimited “4G” data option from T-Mobile?