AT&T’s new Mobile Share data plans now available

AT&T made good on its promise today and rolled out its new Mobile Share data plans. The launch comes amidst swirling controversy regarding the plans, and the new FaceTime over Cellular feature in iOS 6.

The new plans look extremely similar to Verizon’s Share plans, where subscribers start with unlimited talk and text, and then pay extra according to how much data and how many smartphones they need…

The Family Shared plans start at $40, which includes unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data. With this tier, smartphones cost $45 each, so your total phone bill per month would be $85. Here’s the rest:

Of course, you can add non-smartphone devices to your plan as well. Feature phones are an additional $30 per month, laptops, netbooks and USB internet sticks are an extra $20, and tablets are $10. Of course, all of these devices pull from your shared data bucket. So the more you have, the more data you’ll need.

New customers will obviously be forced to choose one of these plans, as will anyone hoping to use the new FaceTime over Cellular feature. And it’ll be interesting to see if, like Verizon, they force folks who purchase the new iPhone at a subsidized price, to as well. But we have yet to hear anything on that front yet.

What are your thoughts on the new plans?