Verizon launches Share Everything plans

As expected, Verizon launched its new Share Everything plans today. The plans feature unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text messaging, and various data allotments.

Current subscribers will be able to hold on to their legacy plans (for the time being). But new customers will be forced to choose from one of these new shared options…

The new plans work with both individual and family accounts, and start at $100 (for smartphone users). That includes unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data.

From there, the plan goes up by $10 depending on how much data you need. $110 will get you 4GB, $120 gets you 6GB, and so on, all the way up to $140 for 10GB.

For one person, this might seem ridiculous. You used to be able to get unlimited everything, including data, for under $100. And at some wireless providers, you still can.

But where Verizon’s Share Everything plans really shine are accounts with multiple users. At minimum, one could have 5 smartphones, sharing 2GB of data, for as low as $260. Obviously that’s not very much data to go around, but some folks don’t need it.

At any rate, like it or not, these plans are here to stay. And if history is any indication, we can expect to see AT&T and other carriers follow suit with similar offerings.

If you want to check out the new plans for yourself, you can get the full rundown over at