T-Mobile preparing “Bring your iPhone to T-Mobile” campaign

It’s starting to look more and more likely that T-Mobile will once again not be receiving an iPhone nod from Apple this year, making it the last major carrier in the US without the handset.

But it’s not going to take this lying down. Recently-leaked flyers show that the carrier is about to launch a “Bring Your iPhone to T-Mobile” campaign, with an emphasis on plan price.”

TmoNews reports:

“T-Mobile’s efforts to bring unlocked iPhone customers into stores certainly seems to be heating up as we just got our hands on some flyers that may be apart of T-Mobile’s marketing strategy. The flyers are pretty simple, showing the savings T-Mobile customers will discover when they leave pesky AT&T behind.”

The flyers come at an interesting time, as AT&T just launched new controversial Shared Data plans, which many folks believe will raise their bills. And T-Mobile, on the other hand, just announced a new set of unlimited data plans, which as you can see, are far less expensive.

In addition, yesterday it came to light that T-Mobile was planning on releasing 4G microSIM cards for unlocked iPhone 4 and 4S. So despite not being an official partner, the carrier is obviously hoping that if it plays its cards right, the handset will bring it new customers.

“For those of you who don’t think the iPhone on T-Mobile’s network is a boost or will draw customers, a four-store pilot (which is where the flyers originate from) in an east-coast area tells us that’s in fact, not the case. A trial-run undertaken during the course of July in four retail locations showed that gross adds increased 56% over the regular store baseline when a live iPhone running on T-Mobile’s 3G network was demonstrated.”

The last statistic we heard put unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile in the 1 million range, but we’re assuming it’s much higher than that at this point. And with the carrier working hard to update its network to be more iPhone-friendly, that number should continue to grow.

So let’s see here: upgraded network, a new public push for unlocked iPhone customers, and all new unlimited plans? It seems like T-Mobile is making all the right moves here. But whether or not it will amount to a slew of new subscribers is still yet to be seen.

What do you think?