36% of iPhone 4S Buyers Came From Another Platform

Apple’s iPhone 4S launch was a resounding success by all accounts, and it even proved popular amongst those who already had a competing smartphone according to a new report.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners today released information on a study it conducted of those who bought Apple’s flagship smartphone. Two of the most interesting statistics show just how many new iPhone 4S owners moved away from competing platforms as well as how many plumped for the most expensive model in the range.

36% of new iPhone 4S owners apparently moved away from another smartphone platform, while 21% stumped up the cash for Apple’s 64GB model…

With 36% of owners having previously not owned an iPhone, it is clear that Apple is successfully luring customers away from its competition, with Google’s Android and RIM’s BlackBerry possibly feeling the pinch. RIM in particular has seen its market share plummet recently, with Apple’s iPhone becoming more of a business tool with each new software release.

The fact that buyers have forked out the money for the largest capacity model of iPhone 4S is also an interesting statistic, with the lower capacity models perhaps expected to be the big sellers due to their more affordable price. We also find it interesting that in these days of cloud storage and streaming audio, the larger capacity iPhone is still selling so strongly. What are people using all that storage for?

We’re curious, what phone did you use before owning an iPhone?

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