Mail More Photos: Attach More Than 5 Photos to an Email

iOS is a bit on the limited side when it comes to sending a multitude of emails from the Camera Roll. Apple has limited users to just 5 photo attachments if users want to use the built in email sharing option.

Fortunately, jailbreaking exists to get rid of such limitations. Check inside for a video walkthrough of Mail More Photos, a tweak that allows one to send a seemingly infinite amount of photos via email…


The developer of Mail More Photos included an extra option that tells you the total size of all of the photo attachments prior to sending. That way, you have good idea how long it’ll take and how much data you’ll use.

If you’re someone who sends a lot of email, then Mail More Photos may be something that’ll improve your email experience. It’s $0.99 for jailbroken devices on Cydia.