The Top 5 Notification Center Widgets and Tweaks

Once iOS 5 was officially released to the public, it was like a flood of Notification Center jailbreak tweaks hit Cydia all at once. It was so much at one time that it was hard to wade through it all.

Now that the flood has finally turned into a manageable stream, we figured it was the appropriate time to highlight some of our favorite Notification Center jailbreak widgets yet…

5: NotificationCenter Enhancer

This is more of a tweak to the widget interface, than a widget itself, but it’s still very useful. NotificationCenter Enhancer allows you to add additional lines of text to Notification Center enabling you to read full emails and long SMS messages.

4: FavoriteContacts

Call, email and text your favorites directly from the convenience of Notification Center. An excellent widget that pulls in the info from your Phone app’s favorites.

3: OmniStat

The most robust system stats widget available on Cydia.

2: NowListening

This is probably my favorite Notification Center tweak out there. It allows you to receive banner notifications when you play a new song on the Music app. Very useful.

1: SBSettings

Did you really think I’d make this list without including what is arguably one of the most important jailbreak apps of all time? With the iOS 5 update, SBSettings can now reside in the comforts of the Notification Center. It just makes sense.

Of course that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Notification Center widgets. For a full run down of some of the other widgets you might find on Cydia, head over to our Notification Center section, and have at it.

Did your favorite widget make the list?