More Journalists Report WWDC Invitations, Speculate Something Big TBA

A few days ago, a story broke that several British journalists had been contacted by Apple’s iPhone PR team in regards to WWDC. The marketing team reportedly urged the journalists to make the trip to America’s west coast to attend the event.

Now tech blogs are reporting that media members from down under have just received similar last-minute invitations. While Apple has made some huge announcements at the conference in the past, this year was expected to be less spectacular…

When Apple first sent out invitations to their developer’s conference, the invite read “Join us for a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X.” With no mention of new hardware and rumors that Apple’s next iPhone wouldn’t be making an appearance, what could Apple be so excited to show off?

Whatever it is, journalists are expecting it to be big. TUAW is reporting that Australian technology editor Charlie Brown joined the herd of journalists to receive recent invites to WWDC, an event that sold out months ago.

“I think something big will be announced on June 6th in in San Fran, by #Apple. I have just been invited to attend the event.”

The tweet from Brown has since been removed from Twitter, but it’s certainly sparked some interesting questions. What could Apple be planning for the event to warrant all of the last minute press invites?

While Apple has been known to be unpredictable, I’m not holding my breath for any big surprises. Chances are, the Cupertino company just wants some serious media coverage on their new iCloud service and iOS 5 update. But hey, we can always dream for “one more thing,” right?

Place your bets. Any surprises at WWDC?