iOS 4.3 Takes One More Step Closer to Reality

If you’ve been looking forward to some of the goodies contained in iOS 4.3 — Apple’s latest firmware for the iPhone and other devices — then no doubt this will be music to your ears.

It appears that iOS 4.3 has finally gone gold, meaning that the firmware has been tested and finalized.

This indicates that we could see iOS 4.3 released to the public in the very near future — next week, even…

What else does iOS 4.3 mean for iPhone users? For starters it brings mobile hotspot capabilities, something Verizon users are already enjoying with their updated 4.2.6 firmware.

Secondly, it brings improved AirPlay support for 3rd party apps. To me, the AirPlay support is the biggie in this release, because even though the jailbreak community has been able to circumvent some of these restrictions, it still isn’t as good as what Apple’s latest firmware brings to the table.

Just remember; do not jump the gun and update if you’re relying on a jailbreak or an unlock. You will need to wait until further instructions come out before updating you device, or else you will lose both your jailbreak and unlock if applicable.

Considering that Apple has an iPad 2 media event scheduled for next Wednesday, there’s no better time to reveal iOS 4.3 to the public, possibly releasing it the same day.

Are you excited about iOS 4.3?