Safari “Reading List” in Mac OS X Lion Will Wirelessly Sync Bookmarks with iOS Devices

Apple’s next version of their desktop operating system, Mac OS X Lion, is nearing the final stages of developer beta testing. It is suspected that Apple will release the new OS to Mac users this summer.

More and more features are being uncovered in the developer builds of OS X Lion, and a recent finding points to a cloud-synced bookmark feature in Apple’s browser, Safari. The new “Reading List” feature in OS X Lion will allow users to wirelessly sync their bookmarked webpages with iOS devices.

This would allow you to easily take your bookmarked pages with you on the go…

Seagate Introduces Wireless Storage for iOS Devices

Though the iPhone has certainly evolved into a top-notch smartphone, it’s not completely perfect. In fact, one of its major downfalls (as Android-toting skeptics are quick to point out) is the lack of expandable memory.

The iPhone comes in 2 flavors, 16GB and 32GB. Chose wisely, because whatever you decide, you’ll pretty much be stuck with. With no SD card slot, many users are forced into unreliable cloud solutions for extra space. Now for the alternative…

duaLink: Sync and Charge Two iDevices with One Cable

Have you ever had an instance when you needed to sync two iOS devices at once? What about charging? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a two-pronged sync cable for your iDevices?

The duaLink aims to solve your multi-device syncing needs. By incorporating a tiny USB hub into the cable itself, the duaLink allows for simultaneous charging/syncing of two iDevices.

Dropbox and iFile Now Support Each Other

Remember when we told you that the popular jailbreak app, iFile, was going to gain Dropbox support?

iFile and Dropbox have officially integrated with each other to provide cloud syncing and storage between the two apps. With the latest update to iFile, you can send locally-stored data through iFile to your Dropbox account and vice-versa.

Screenshots and a demo video after the break…

Get Your Gmail Contacts and Calendars in Sync on Your iPhone

This little trick has been around for quite some time. But if you are a new iPhone user, or plan on becoming a new iPad user soon, listen up! If you are using Google’s email service, then there’s a good chance you are using Google’s calendar and their contact management system.  This holds especially true for you, former Android users, who are forced to use the previously mentioned services by design.

Now I know you’re thinking, “Cody, I already have my Gmail setup on my iPhone,” and you’re probably right. But if you set it up as an actual Gmail account and not under the ‘Exchange’ account profile, you might be missing out on some cool features. Setup as an Exchange account, your Gmail can automatically sync your contacts, your calendars, and even push your email! The best part is, it’s so easy, let me show you how…

iTunes 10.2 Now Available for Download [Safe for Jailbreakers]

Apple just released iTunes 10.2 which will be required to install iOS 4.3 which will be released next week. Not much has been added to this new version. iTunes 10.2 is needed to allow you to sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 4.3.

iTunes 10.2 also brings improved Home Sharing. It will let you browse and play from your iTunes libraries with Home Sharing on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 4.3…

MobileMe Only Available for 60-Day Free Trial, Will Most Likely Become Free Service Next Week

Apple has removed the paid version of MobileMe from its retail stores and website. You can now only sign up for a free 60-day trial on the web.

Apple is holding an event next week, and MobileMe will most likely be revamped alongside the introduction of a new iPad model. Up until now, MobileMe has cost $99/year. There’s a good chance that Apple will make their cloud-based service free for customers, or introduce some type of tiered, “pro” pricing alongside the standard MobileMe package.

FreeSync Allows You to Use Your iPhone While Syncing With iTunes

If the story sounds familiar, that’s because it is. You want to be able to use your iPhone while synching with iTunes, so what do you do?

You jailbreak your iPhone, and install one of two tweaks: Synchronicity or FreeSync. Both tweaks do a good job at allowing you chug away at your iPhonely duties while syncing with iTunes, and both are similarly priced.

With that in mind, which jailbreak tweak should you go with? We’ve already covered Synchronicity — a tweak that made it into our Top 10 Jailbreak Apps for 2010 list — so lets look at the flipside of the coin with FreeSync…

iPhone Hardware and Accessories from Macworld Expo

The Macworld Expo is a giant technology conference that takes place once a year in California. Unlike the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Macworld is totally focused on everything Apple. The entire conference is devoted to Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, hardware, accessories, etc. Journalists and Apple pundits meet at Macworld to discuss the state of Apple’s technology and speculate about what is to come.

Hardware is a huge part of Macworld, with more and more attention increasingly being given to iOS hardware and accessories. The guys over at Mac Life posted a great gallery of some iOS hardware/accessories that stood out at Macworld this year. Here are a couple highlights from their findings…

Where is Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 for iPhone?

Back in the fall of 2010, we were promised a beta of the new version of Wi-Fi Sync by December. Here we are in 2011, and still the awesome wireless iTunes syncing app is nowhere to be seen.

In a few recent tweets, the developer has announced that the app is still in development and should be available in two to three weeks. He also mentioned what some of these awesome features are, and from what I can tell, it will definitely be worth the wait…

The 10 Best App Store Apps of 2010

The App Store has never been a very quiet place. 2010 was no exception; thousands upon thousands of new apps were submitted to the App Store. Most of them aren’t worth mentioning, but there have been some exceptional apps that have risen to the forefront of what the App Store has had to offer throughout the year 2010.

We’ve covered a lot of App Store apps this year on iDB, with the goal of keeping our readers in the know.

Now, we’d like to take some time to reflect on our favorite App Store apps of 2010. Being included on this list doesn’t necessarily mean the app was released in 2010, it just means that it was amongst our most utilized of this year. Drumroll, please…

Synchronicity 2.0 Released, Better Than Ever

Synchronicity is a popular jailbreak mod that allows you to use your iPhone while it’s syncing with iTunes. Instead of being stuck with a lock screen while your iPhone is syncing with your computer, Synchronicity allows you to run apps, make calls, etc. Basically anything is fair game, except for the iPod app (to prevent data corruption with iTunes).

This mod has been a favorite of ours since it was released back in August; it even made it pretty far up our “Top 10 Jailbreak Apps for 2010” list. If you don’t have Synchronicity, you should.

Synchronicity was recently updated to 2.0 status. The mod was already super lightweight and unobtrusive, but 2.0 makes it even better with a design tweak and some enhancements…