iOS 5 Takes ‘PC-Free’ One Step Further with Time Capsule and Airport Base Station Setup

In another step toward killing the PC, Apple’s iOS 5 now allows users to set up the company’s own Time Capsule and Airport hardware, according to an AppleInsider reader.

Until now, setting up either of Apple’s networking solutions required a PC, but once iOS 5 is released later this year, users will be able to get online with nothing more than an iPod touch…

The discovery was made by an iDB reader who tried to set up his Time Capsule using an iPhone. What he discovered was a selection of new screens, prompting him for new passwords, and guiding him through the entire set up process.

Users are given the option of creating a new network, or adding the hardware to an existing one right from the iOS device’s screen. No physical connection needed.

This is just part of Apple’s mission to make the iOS experience as PC-free as possible. Along with the new Airport/Time Capsule setup, iOS 5 also negates the need for a PC in order to get a brand new iDevice up and running. Currently, new devices require a sync with iTunes in order to activate them, but once iOS 5 is in the wild, that will be a thing of the past.

Other features of iOS 5 include the iCloud, which will remove the need for a PC to be used for backing up iDevices— with such necessities being handled by Apple’s servers.

It’s a good thing Apple’s computers are so damn sexy, because they seem intent on doing away with them as soon as possible!