How iCloud Syncing Integrates With iWork [Video]

Caught up in all of the hoopla about the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 was the release of an updated iWork suite for iOS.

The new iWork features iCloud syncing compatibility, a feature that has been in beta for months, but was finally released to the public last week.

Inside, we showcase iWork’s new cloud syncing functionality, which allows you to sync documents on your iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, and even your Mac in limited fashion…


As you can see, iCloud syncing in iWork is pretty great; in fact, I think it’s an absolute game changing feature for avid users of the iWork suite.

If there’s one thing I’d like to see, it’s integration with the actual OS X apps. Without this feature, it’s a couple notches short of perfection.

Have you started taking advantage of all that iCloud has to offer, when it comes to creating and editing documents? If so, how are you enjoying it thus far?