Fleksy Keyboard introduces Imoji stickers, smart suggestions for GIFs and more

By Christian Zibreg on May 27, 2015

Fleksy, the powerful iOS 8 keyboard which lets you use gestures, GIFs and emoji, has increased its functionality in the latest update issued today.

Now the app features an integrated Sticker keyboard in partnership with Imoji, taking visual communication beyond animated GIFs. You can easily browse, search and send Imoji stickers directly in Fleksy: just tap a sticker to copy it, then paste it in a message.

To add a sticker to your favorites, double tap it from the keyboard. You can access your recently used stickers, browse endless collections of reactions,  check out what’s trending and more. Read More


StopAutoDelete stops the iOS cursor from deleting entire words

By Jeff Benjamin on May 26, 2015

When you hold the delete button on the iOS keyboard, eventually the cursor will start to delete entire words in an effort to speed up the deletion process. While at times, this comes in handy from a speed perspective, I often find it more of a nuisance; it seems to always delete words that I had no intention of removing.

StopAutoDelete is a jailbreak tweak that slows down deleting on iOS, placing a sort of limiter on deleting and preventing whole words from being delete at once. Have a look at our video walkthrough for a full explanation. Read More


Apple patents hybrid ‘Fusion’ keyboard with gestures, forceful pressure and more

By Christian Zibreg on May 26, 2015

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Tuesday awarded Apple a patent for a hybrid multitouch keyboard that would incorporate touch-sensitive mechanical keys with two-position mechanical switches for activating tasks at different levels of pressure.

Titled ‘Fusion keyboard’, the U.S. Patent No. 9,041,652 explores a touch sensitive mechanical keyboard for detecting touch events and key depressions. Read More


ADKeys: assign an image as your keyboard background color

By Jeff Benjamin on May 24, 2015

ADKeys, which stands for adaptable keys, is a tweak that lets you change up the background and key cap color of the keyboard in iOS. By doing so, you can match up your keyboard color with other areas or your iPhone, such as your current wallpaper or theme.

If you can manage to handle the tweak’s frustrating preferences, then you may be able to obtain the look you’re going for. Have a glance at our walkthrough for a bit more detail. Read More


SwiftKey keyboard launches theme store

By Christian Zibreg on May 20, 2015

SwiftKey, the popular gesture keyboard for iPhones, iPads ands iPods with iOS 8 or later, today launched a brand new theme store featuring a dozen themes for customizing the look and feel of its keyboard.

After debuting on Android in 2014, the built-in theme store is now available to iOS users with twelve newly designed themes, priced from 99 cents to $1.99. Read More


Click Wheel Keyboard offers a funny bit of nostalgia for iPod fans

By Lory Gil on May 18, 2015

There is no keyboard on Apple Watch. That is probably a good thing. There is just no room for one. But, what if there were a click wheel similar to what Apple used on iPod devices?

Click Wheel Keyboard for iPhone is not compatible with Apple Watch, but if it were, it could make typing on the wrist worn device possible because you don’t have to tap tiny letters. Instead, you scroll through the alphabet using a wheel control. Read More


LockEmoji prevents the iOS keyboard from reverting to another input mode

By Jeff Benjamin on May 17, 2015

If you regularly use the emoji keyboard on iOS, then you’ve no doubt experienced the issue that causes your keyboard to revert to another input method.

This problem generally arrises when doing one of two things: after tapping send in a chat app like the Messages app, and on first keyboard activation when the current input mode is emoji.

If you’re unfamiliar with the issue, it’s a little difficult to describe without actually showing you. Check out our video demonstrations, which shows you how LockEmoji—a free new jailbreak tweak released on Cydia—tackles this issue. Read More


Sunrise Calendar update introduces Meet, the fastest way to schedule one-to-one meetings

By Christian Zibreg on May 14, 2015

Sunrise, a powerful cross-platform calendar application, on Thursday launched Meet, a companion iOS 8 keyboard specifically designed to make scheduling one-to-one meetings ridiculously easy.

Available as a free update to the Sunrise app in the App Store, Meet lets you schedule one-to-ones with another party like a pro, without having to leave the context of the app you’re currently in or switch to Sunrise for that matter. Read More


How to quickly dismiss an autocorrect suggestion on Mac OS X

By Sébastien Page on May 10, 2015

Autocorrect is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it can help you fix some of those typos you would probably miss otherwise. But it’s also a curse because sometimes it automatically corrects a word you spelled right in the first place, completely changing the meaning of your sentence in the process. That’s when autocorrect works against you. It can be annoying because you have to manually reject the auto-correction, and that’s if you catch it of course.

There are two ways to dismiss an autocorrect suggestion. There is the obvious one, which lets you use your mouse pointer to reject the autocorrection, and there is a keyboard shortcut that’s actually much quicker to use, especially when you’re currently typing. Read More


SmoothCursor brings a beautifully animated cursor to iOS

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 18, 2015

When I first heard about SmoothCursor, I didn’t imagine that it would have much of an effect on the typing experience. While it’s true that it doesn’t have any real bearing on the actual input process, it definitely has a noticeable look from a visual standpoint.

SmoothCursor borrows the same cursor movement popularized by Microsoft Office. Instead of a cursor with well-defined keyframes of animation, the cursor features smoothly animated motion as you type.  Read More


Giffage is a third-party keyboard with style

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 16, 2015

As many of you know, I’ve been quite bummed by the third-party keyboards on iOS 8. Many of them are underwhelming, and not all of the blame rests with developers. Apple’s implementation has left lot to be desired, but many of the third-party keyboard developers have done themselves no favors.

Needless to say, there hasn’t been one keyboard that I use on my iPhone outside of the stock English keyboard, and the Emoji keyboard, but that recently changed. Giffage (free) is a brand new third-party release that brings a GIF keyboard to iOS 8.

I understand that Giffage isn’t the first third-party keyboard to do GIFs, as I’ve used some of the alternatives. What I can say is that Giffage is one of the best designed and easiest-to-use third party keyboards that I’ve yet to try. The implementation is well thought out, and goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to sweating the little details. Read More


Fleksy Keyboard goes free for a week, gains millions of GIFs via partnership with Riffsy

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 14, 2015

Fleksy Keyboard, one of the first and most popular software keyboards for iOS 8 devices, has gone free for a week. The app usually retails for 99 cents a pop and has never gone free since its App Store debut as an iOS 8-compatible downloadable software keyboard in September of last year.

In addition, Fleksy’s latest update has rechristened the app as ‘Fleksy + GiF Keyboard’ to reflect its newly gained integration with Riffsy’s GIF Keyboard for iOS. The resulting app now gives you access to millions of GIFs on top of Fleksy’s existing emoji support and perks like advanced keyboard capabilities with gestures and much more. Read More


Apple quietly purchased Dryft keyboard app last year

By Cody Lee on Apr 8, 2015

Apple quietly purchased Dryft, a startup that develops keyboard apps, according to a new report from TechCrunch. The site says that the acquisition happened sometime last year, but the financial terms of the deal are still not known.

Dryft, who TechCrunch notes was a finalist in its 2013 Disrupt startup battlefield competition, gained notoriety for its custom mobile keyboard that would only appear when the user placed their fingers on their device’s display. Read More


NoKeyPop: remove the keyboard pop-up animation when typing

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 7, 2015

Since touch screen keyboards lack the movement of physical keyboards, software keyboards use other tricks to help you to see how your touches interact with the on screen keyboard. One of the tricks often employed is the simple keyboard animation. Animations, combined with haptic feedback and sound, can provide enough sense of touch that typing is made easier

But what if you removed the keyboard animations altogether? What would the typing experience be like then? NoKeyPop is a jailbreak tweak that lets you do just that… Read More


SHARKK’s wireless keyboard case for iPad Air 2 rotates for portrait or landscape mode

By Lory Gil on Apr 6, 2015

I love using keyboard cases for my iPad. I highly recommend that anyone with a tablet invest in a keyboard case. It increases productivity significantly, while acting as a protective covering for your device.

SHARKK has a wireless keyboard case specifically made for the iPad Air 2 that features a rotating mount, so you can use your tablet in landscape or portrait mode without missing a beat. Read More


BoxWave Keyboard Buddy turns your iPhone 6 into a Sidekick

By Lory Gil on Apr 4, 2015

Although Apple has made the screen larger on its latest line of iPhones, the keyboard is still small and difficult to use. One easy solution to that problem is an external keyboard.

The BoxWave Keyboard Buddy is a case for your iPhone 6 with a keyboard attached to the back. Simply slide out the keyboard tray and you’ll be typing away like a 14-year-old girl on a T-Mobile Sidekick. Read More


Images of refreshed Apple Wireless Keyboard with backlit keys pulled from Online Apple Store

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 24, 2015

Images of Apple’s Wireless Keyboard with backlit keys and a power button were removed today from the Online Apple Store, suggesting the product has prematurely leaked or isn’t ready for prime time yet.

Yesterday, the Online Apple Store in Czech Republic and Hungary got refreshed with new images showing a power button on the $69 keyboard and controls for adjusting the brightness of the backlight. Read More


New Apple Wireless keyboard with backlit keys appears on Apple’s online store

By Jake Smith on Mar 23, 2015

An updated version of Apple’s wireless keyboard appeared on Apple’s Czech Republic online store on Monday, most notably packing a backlit keyboard.

Apple hasn’t updated the product description noting the backlit feature, however the F5 and F6 keys indicate dimming and brightening functionality like found on Apple’s laptop line. The keys have also seen a slight redesign, and the CD eject button has been replaced with a power button.  Read More


Review: Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 21, 2015

I’ve been using the Das Keyboard Professional Model S for the last two years, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed typing on this mechanical keyboard. If you do any sort of long form typing on a regular basis, then having a mechanical keyboard can make a huge difference in your life.

After typing on my MacBook’s chiclet keyboard for years, I began to develop problems with severe wrist pain. Although it was never officially diagnosed, I’m pretty sure that I suffered from some sort of repetitive stress injury, which made it excruciatingly painful to type for extended periods of time. Needless to say, having a mechanical keyboard has alleviated 99% of these issues, and I can never see myself going back to using the MacBook’s chiclet keyboard full time.

Earlier this month, Das Keyboard released an updated keyboard for Mac with new features and functionality. The Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac, as it is called, brings a similar typing experience to the table. Is it something you should consider if you’re in the market for a new keyboard? Should previous Das Keyboard owners upgrade? Have a look at our video review and walkthrough for the answer. Read More


Apple patent outlines virtual Mac keyboard with haptic feedback

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 19, 2015

The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) on Thursday published an interesting Apple patent application for a Mac keyboard that looks like an oversized Magic Trackpad accessory, but with virtual keys in place of the physical ones providing haptic feedback, similar to the new MacBook’s Force Touch trackpad.

Filed in November 2014 and titled ‘Method and Apparatus for Localization of Haptic Feedback,’ the invention outlines a keyboard with a flat, touch-sensitive input surface incorporating multiple actuators to provide tactile feedback. Read More

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