The upcoming iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak will support almost all devices [Updated]

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 28, 2013

Some very good news was made known today by one of the members of the evad3rs — the team responsible for the upcoming evasi0n jailbreak. MuscleNerd, who is a well respected part of this team, has made it known that nearly all iOS 6.1 compatible devices will reap the benefits of the upcoming jailbreak.

This means that only the Apple TV 3, and possibly the Apple TV 2 will lack support. As far as every other device goes, they’re fair game. Take a look at our full list of iOS  devices that will be jailbreakable on iOS 6.1 after the break… Read More


Sprint rolling out LTE to 28 new markets

By Cody Lee on Jan 17, 2013

Great news today for Sprint subscribers who have been lusting for LTE. The carrier just announced plans for a major expansion of its new 4G network, that will see the service added to 28 new markets over the next few months including Branson, Missouri, and Columbus, Georgia. We’ve got the full list of cities after the break… Read More


Survey: the iPad mini becomes ‘kid’s tablet’ for holiday gifts

By Ed Sutherland on Jan 15, 2013

We’re still gaining insights from holiday sales of Apple products. The latest finding: the iPad mini is now dubbed the “kid’s tablet” after one survey found post-Christmas usage of Apple’s smaller tablet rose 270 percent among families with young children. The new data comes from the makers of Kindertown.

Kindertown makes an app which helps parents find child-suitable apps. Among other findings culled from the software’s more than 200,000 users: while the iPad 4 was popular as a family gift, children also adopted the original iPad as a technological hand-me-down. Elsewhere, iPhone’s were not a big gift item for this demographic, after-Christmas usage of Apple’s handset not rising following the holidays… Read More


UK’s Everything Everywhere announces LTE expansion to 17 new markets by March 2013

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 13, 2012

Everything Everywhere (EE), a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile and France Télécom’s Orange, launched UK’s first commercial 4G LTE network on October 30 and today the company has announced a network expansion to seventeen new markets in the country, to be finished by March of next year.

The carrier powers UK’s sole 4G LTE network so would-be iPhone buyers should be delighted to learn that its 4G density is “being increased on a daily basis”Read More


Best Buy is offering a $50 discount, $75 gift card on third-gen iPad, today only

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 21, 2012

With the holiday season upon us, Best Buy wastes no time and in a one-day promotion is luring would-be iPad buyers by shaving $50 off the third-generation iPad. And sweetening the deal even more, the retailer is throwing in a $75 gift card with each iPad sold. Part of its “Deal of the Day” promotion, the offer is good only for today. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, go past the fold for additional terms and conditions you should be aware of… Read More


Google Nexus 10 unboxing and first impressions

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 16, 2012

Today I got my hands on the Google Nexus 10 in order to do a proper comparison with the iPad, and to stay up to date on the iPad’s closest competitors. As you’ll recall, I already did a review of the Nexus 7, and came away with a favorable impression of the device.

For the Nexus 10, a lot is the same as the Nexus 7, but a lot has changed as well. The most obvious difference is the form factor. This tablet competes directly with the iPad as far as size is concerned. You’ll also notice a fairly original design, and one of the best, if not the best, screens on a tablet that you’ve ever seen… Read More


New LTE iPads hit AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Best Buy

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 16, 2012

Cody told you earlier this morning that U.S. carrier Sprint started selling Apple’s iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad with Retina display in its retail stores. Not to be outdone by the nation’s #3 telco, carriers AT&T and Verizon announced that both Wi-Fi and cellular versions of the two tablets are now available across their retail and online stores in the United States. Additionally, we are hearing that Best Buy has the tablets and will begin selling them later today. Both carriers are offering the iPad mini and the fourth-gen full-size iPad with or without shared data service, with Sprint of course having the upper hand with its unlimited data offering (and limited 4G coverage).

The devices have also arrived in Apple’s retail outlets. Some customers who pre-ordered their units saw their shipment delivered as early as yesterday or are seeing their packages out for delivery… Read More


Meet KOLOS, the world’s first iPad gaming wheel

By Cody Lee on Nov 9, 2012

We’ve seen a number of gamepads built for iOS devices over the years, but this has to be the first time we’ve ever seen an iPad gaming wheel. In fact, the developers of the KOLOS say it’s the first of its kind.

The KOLOS is a tabletop steering wheel that cradles your iPad and uses its built-in accelerometer to give you a more realistic gaming experience when playing titles like Real Racing and Need for SpeedRead More


AT&T announces new FaceTime over Cellular policy

By Cody Lee on Nov 8, 2012

AT&T has announced today that it is reversing its decision to limit iOS 6’s FaceTime over Cellular ability to customers on its new shared data plans. The carrier says that subscribers with LTE devices will now be able to use the feature regardless of what data plan they’re on, as long as it’s not unlimited… Read More


The iPad mini could comprise half of all iPads sold in December

By Ed Sutherland on Nov 5, 2012

Apple will sell 20.2 million iPads during the December financial quarter – half of them iPad minis, one Wall Street analyst predicts. The forecast comes as experts attempt to divine the meaning of Apple’s record three million tablets sold over the past weekend.

Despite a Northeast US battered and bruised by Hurricane Sandy, Apple announced it sold three million new iPads this weekend, breaking a record of 1.5 million Wi-Fi-only units moved during the iPad 3 opening weekend in March. Analysts believe a large portion of new iPads sold this weekend were various iPad mini models… Read More