Twitter content and accounts coming soon to Spotlight search

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 29, 2015

According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Twitter content such as tweets and accounts are coming to Apple’s Spotlight search engine on Macs and iOS devices, allowing for an even tighter integration between the iPhone maker and the popular micro-blogging service, MacWorld reported Wednesday. Apple added Twitter to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as the inaugural third-party service integration in iOS 5 three years ago. Read More


Apple Watch pushes iOS 8 adoption rate to 81%

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 28, 2015

After experiencing a slowdown following a record-smashing Christmas quarter, the rate of iOS 8 adoption is notably picking up speed again.

According to the official App Store Distribution dashboard, publicly available on Apple’s portal for developers, about 81 percent of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices in the wild are now running iOS 8.0 and later. Jut two weeks ago, the pace of iOS 8 adoption stood at 79 percent of active devices.

A notable uptick could be explained by the Apple Watch, which requires the iPhone 5 and later running iOS 8.2 and later. For those wondering, Apple measures active devices by monitoring iPhones, iPads and iPods that access the App Store. Read More


Apple posts iOS 8.4 beta 2 with new Trending Searches feature on iTunes Radio

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 27, 2015

Apple on Monday seeded iOS 8.4 beta 2, which includes a redesigned Music app experience from the previous beta, to its registered iPhone, iPod touch and iPad developers.

The software carries a build number of 12H4086d and can be applied over-the-air through the Software Update mechanism available in Settings > General, for those who are running the first beta. A standalone installer is available through Apple’s portal for developers.

Release notes accompanying the download mention claim “this beta version of iOS contains bug fixes and improvements”. At least one new feature was spotted in this release: trending searches. Now when you’re searching for a song on iTunes Radio via the Music app in iOS 8.4 beta 2, it will automatically suggest a list of trending searches. Read More


Apple Watch gets beat to hell for science [Video]

By Jake Smith on Apr 25, 2015

While many of you are probably holding on to your precious Apple Watch with care, CNET took it upon themselves to see what will ruin the wearable, so you don’t have to. We’re taken through several everyday scenarios of how the Apple Watch could get ruined in the kitchen. It actually holds up pretty well.  Read More


Apple begins notifying developers who get an expedited Apple Watch

By Jake Smith on Apr 23, 2015

Apple has begun notifying developers who signed up for the Apple Watch Sport lottery on the Developer Center if they have been randomly selected to make the purchase. It allows many who pay the $100 iOS Developer Program fee to bypass the long waitlist of Apple Watch orders the public is facing and get the Watch earlier.  Read More


Google removes YouTube app support for older versions of iOS, Apple TV

By Jake Smith on Apr 20, 2015

Google announced on Monday in a support document that its YouTube app will no longer work on older versions of iOS and the first and second generation Apple TV “after April”. Read More


Lost Within, LiquidSpace, Tiny Guardians and more hit the App Store this week

By Josh Gallagher on Apr 18, 2015

As the flow of updates geared towards the Apple Watch continues to increase, you may be feeling a little left out as you look down at your iPhone. There’s no need to be quite so despondent though, because a bevy of exciting new iPhone and iPad apps also exploded onto the App Store this week.

Whether you’re in the mood for a thrilling adventure, a perplexing puzzle, or something in-between, this list has you covered. If you somehow still find yourself wanting more after reading through this article, remember to keep checking back. We make lists of App Store releases and updates almost every day. Read More


How to enable iPhone’s power-charging chime on your Mac

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 17, 2015

When you plug in your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a power outlet, a brief auditory confirmation is played to indicate that a cable is attached and the device is getting power.

Wouldn’t it be cool if your Mac notebook could this?

You’re in the luck: enabling the iOS power chime sound effect on the Mac involves executing a simple Terminal command, which enables the effect on any Mac model, even if it’s sleeping or the screen is locked. Proud owners of Apple’s new twelve-inch MacBook needn’t even finish reading this article because their machine came with the power-charging chime enabled by default. Read More


iOS 8 adoption rate passes 79 percent

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 14, 2015

Various versions of Apple’s iOS 8 mobile operating system are now running on 79 percent of devices in active use, as measured by the App Store on April 13, 2015. The freshest stats were churned out Tuesday from the App Store Distribution webpage publicly available on Apple’s portal for developers.

iOS 7 is now found on nineteen percent of devices, with earlier iOS versions running on two percent of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches in the wild. Read More


Apple’s ResearchKit available today to developers and medical researchers

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 14, 2015

Today, Apple’s made good on its promise to make ResearchKit available to developers and medical researchers. As announced in a media release Tuesday, medical researchers can tap into ResearchKit to write custom apps while developers are permitted to contribute new research modules to ResearchKit.

ResearchKit was designed as an open source software framework to help doctors and scientists mass-gather accurate data from participants using specialized iPhone apps. With today’s ResearchKit release, it’s now possible to create medical apps for Android in a true open-source fashion. Read More


Fleksy Keyboard goes free for a week, gains millions of GIFs via partnership with Riffsy

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 14, 2015

Fleksy Keyboard, one of the first and most popular software keyboards for iOS 8 devices, has gone free for a week. The app usually retails for 99 cents a pop and has never gone free since its App Store debut as an iOS 8-compatible downloadable software keyboard in September of last year.

In addition, Fleksy’s latest update has rechristened the app as ‘Fleksy + GiF Keyboard’ to reflect its newly gained integration with Riffsy’s GIF Keyboard for iOS. The resulting app now gives you access to millions of GIFs on top of Fleksy’s existing emoji support and perks like advanced keyboard capabilities with gestures and much more. Read More


Talks bringing Apple Pay to more countries are reportedly stalling

By Jake Smith on Apr 14, 2015

Apple’s efforts to bring Apple Pay technology to China, a region that could help boost payment numbers, are stalling, according to Caixin Online.

Despite earlier word that a deal between Apple and China’s UnionPay is close, Caixin Online says neither party has reached any agreements and no timetable for cooperation has been set. Read More


iOS 8.3 stops transfer utilities from accessing app folders, restricts them to iTunes File Sharing

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 13, 2015

If you use desktop file managers such as PhoneView, iFunBox, iTools, iExplorer and others to browse app folders on your non-jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you have another reason to stay away from the latest iOS 8.3 update as it prevents those programs from functioning properly.

As first reported by Joe Rossignol of MacRumors, developers of these apps have confirmed that iOS 8.3 imposes additional restrictions on sandbox access.

In iFunbox, trying to access an app folder on an iOS device running iOS 8.3 produces a message saying “App Sandbox access is restricted by Apple to ones with iTunes File Sharing enabled since iOS 8.3”. This change does not affect jailbroken devices which can access app sandboxes as usual via OpenSSH for complete filesystem privileges and command line access. Read More


Business owners can now claim POIs as their own via Apple Maps on iOS 8.3 and OS X 10.10.3

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 9, 2015

One of the welcome changes in the iOS 8.3 and OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 software updates, which hit yesterday, includes the ability for business owners to claim any point of interest as their own using an updated Report a Problem tool in Apple Maps for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac, as reported Thursday by AppleMapsMarketing.

The company began allowing local businesses to manage their listing in the service last October, but required them to use its Maps Connect web service.

At the same time, the iPhone maker appears to be removing some TripAdvisor hotel reviews which started showing up in its Maps service last week. Read More


Touch ID for App Store purchases stops working for many after updating to iOS 8.3

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 9, 2015

A growing number of users are complaining about the inability to use Touch ID fingerprint scanning to authorize purchases in the App Store after updating to iOS 8.3.

As reported on Twitter, Reddit and detailed in a thread on Apple’s Support Communities forums, iOS 8.3 appears to be asking for an Apple ID password for each and every purchase made in the App Store.

This is regardless of whether or not the option to use Touch ID in the App Store is enabled in Settings. What gives? Read More


iOS 8.3 brings useful enhancements to Quick Reply

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 8, 2015

Apple today released the iOS 8.3 software update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The software contains dozens of fixes and brings out a handful of feature enhancements related to Messages, Siri, the much enhanced emoji keyboard and more. Oddly, a subtle change to how Quick Reply and Notification Center handle messages with previews disabled aren’t mentioned in release notes.

That’s something I was alerted to by Twitter user @ericcamazin. Without a doubt, you’ll find these changes much welcomed. Read More


Noted analyst says Apple may call next line of handsets ‘iPhone 7′, with major changes

By Jake Smith on Apr 2, 2015

Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities claims Apple may call the next line of its iPhone the “iPhone 7″, instead of the “iPhone 6s” like previously thought. The name change will be because of significant changes to the iOS user interface, including Force Touch technology for better interaction, the analyst says. Read More


78 percent of devices are now using iOS 8

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 31, 2015

Having been tracking iOS 8 adoption rates on a regular basis, it’s clear now that the pace of user adoption of the latests and greatest iOS version has been slowing down since its peak in the holiday quarter of 2014.

According to the most recent numbers provided by Apple itself on the App Store Distribution webpage, iOS 8 is now installed on 78 percent of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices in the wild, a marginal increase over the 77 percent adoption rate from two weeks ago. Read More


Native Twitter sharing disappears from latest iOS beta if Twitter’s mobile app is installed

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 30, 2015

iOS 8.3 beta 4 that was seeded to Apple’s registered iOS developers last week has removed the long-standing option to share content to Twitter, according to our own findings a couple days ago that have since been confirmed by other users.

We’ve noticed something was afoot as the option to share to Twitter has gone missing from the Share sheet in iOS 8’s stock Photos and Safari app.

Technically, the feature has not been removed entirely because it only disappears after installing Twitter’s official iOS app in iOS 8.3 beta 4, as evidenced on the screenshots provided by our own Oliver Haslam.

Uninstall Twitter and it comes back. Read More


Android Wear meets the iPhone

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 26, 2015

Over the past few days, I’ve been working with developer MohammadAG to test his in-progress iOS-to-Android Wear application on the LG G Watch. This application, which has a ton of potential for both jailbreakers and non-jailbreakers, allows iOS to forward notifications to Android Wear devices. In the video that follows, I showcase some of the features that are in the current version of Mohammad’s new Android Wear APK. Read More

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