Samsung issues global Note 7 recall after complaints of exploding batteries

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 2, 2016

It looked like Samsung was well poised to steal some of Apple’s thunder by releasing its Note 7 phablet with a redesigned appearance and wraparound screen ahead of Apple’s iPhone 7 event. But following reports from users around the world about a battery issue that has caused some handsets to catch fire or explode, Samsung has now announced plans to recall every single Note 7 sold in order to prevent further damage and has also abandoned today’s scheduled Note 7 launch in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Read More


Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note 7 on August 2nd

By Cody Lee on Jul 13, 2016

Samsung has announced that it will be unveiling the next version of its Galaxy Note handset on August 2nd. The company sent out a press release on Tuesday, saying that it will be hosting an Unpacked event in New York, scheduled to begin at 11 am (EDT). Read More


WSJ: Samsung moving up Galaxy Note 5 launch to August to beat iPhone hype

By Cody Lee on Jul 10, 2015

Samsung is moving up its Galaxy Note 5 launch to August this year in hopes of beating the new iPhone hype in September, reports The Wall Street Journal. Until now, the South Korean company has leveraged the annual IFA Berlin conference to debut the big-screened handset.

Citing a source familiar with the matter, The Journal says the move is part of a bid to give the Note some breathing room before mid-September, when Apple typically unveils its new iPhones—a product that often dominates both the news cycle and consumer attention for weeks. Read More


Samsung faces grim Q3: Mobile business drops by 60%

By Jake Smith on Oct 29, 2014

The situation for Samsung is a tad grim, as the South Korea-based company reported a 74 percent year-over-year decline in net profit during Q3. This marks Samsung’s fourth consecutive quarterly decline, and marks its lowest profit margin since the second quarter of 2011. Read More


New Samsung ad calls iPhone 6 Plus a Galaxy Note imitation

By Cody Lee on Sep 14, 2014

Samsung began airing a new TV spot this weekend for the Galaxy Note 4—its new flagship handset that begins shipping next month. Like most of the company’s recent ads, this one goes after Apple, with a specific focus on its just-announced iPhone 6 Plus.

Titled “Then and Now,” the commercial points out that while Apple prepares to begin selling its first handset with a display over 5 inches, Samsung has been doing it for years with its Galaxy Note line. It essentially calls the iPhone 6 Plus a Note imitation. Read More


Samsung uses Steve Jobs quote against Apple: ‘no one is going to buy a big phone’

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 10, 2014

Always eager to respond to Apple’s latest moves swiftly and boldly, Samsung of South Korea took to Twitter following yesterday’s iPhone 6/Apple Watch/Apple Pay press conference to share an interesting banner which uses Steve Jobs’s own words as a weapon against Apple to dismiss its decision to make bigger iPhones as long overdue.

“No one is going to buy a big phone,” reads the quote on Samsung’s snarky anti-iPhone Galaxy Note 4 banner. “Guess who surprised themselves and changed their mind,” another line reads.

The attached image is accompanied by the following message on Twitter: “Big improvements and innovation come with change – even they thought so”. Read More


Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note 4 and other new gizmos at September 3 ‘Unpacked’ event

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 4, 2014

Apple’s arch-rival Samsung just made it known it’ll be holding a major media event on Wednesday, September 3, 2014. The invites for the new ‘Unpacked’ event, something of an annual tradition for the South Korean conglomerate, have now gone out to select members of the press, hinting at a possible unveiling of the Note 4 phablet.

Although the Galaxy S5 smartphone is already there, the firm is rumored to be also unveiling a premium all-metal edition of the smartphone to help improve its market standing in the wake of the expected massive iPhone 6 launch, which is also expected to be unveiled at a media event some time in September… Read More


Samsung takes aim at iPad mini with new Galaxy Note 8.0

By Cody Lee on Feb 24, 2013

It looks like the rumors were true. Samsung sent out a press release last night announcing the launch of its new Galaxy Note 8.0. The 8-inch tablet is clearly aimed right at the iPad mini, which has done very well thus far for Apple.

And it certainly came prepared to play. As expected, the slate features a 1280×800 (720p) display—just a hair better than the mini—a quad core processor, 2GB of RAM, and oh yeah, it makes phone calls. More details after the break… Read More


Samsung doubles down on the stylus, goes into bed with Wacom

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 1, 2013

And just like that, Samsung of South Korea buys a five percent stake of the stylus maker Wacom in a transaction valued at $58.2 million. Samsung of course is riding high on the popularity of its pen-based Note devices and Wacom suggests that Samsung with this acquisition is aiming to incorporate its stylus tech into Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Note that Wacom also makes digital pen accessories for iPads and Mac-compatible digital tablets that are popular with professional designers and illustrators. I’m holding my breath for an Apple-made stylus because pen-based mobile devices are gaining traction, in spit of Steve Jobs disdain for the stylus… Read More


Samsung’s iPad mini contender caught naked in the wild

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 24, 2013

As expected, Apple’s $329 iPad mini has taken off in a big way and is now arguably the company’s best-selling iPad. Apple experienced supply constraints of the device throughout the holiday quarter and it immediately sold out upon its arrival to China last week. Cook in a conference call following earnings report attributed the 22 percent year-over-year iPad growth to strong sales of the lower-margin tablet.

Samsung, on the other hand, has been swarming the market with mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. The strategy has earned the South Korean company a distant #2 spot in tablet sales as it tries to keep pace with Apple. The firm is apparently working on an eight-inch Note device designed to challenge the iPad mini and now an image has leaked revealing a sleek form factor encased in a plastic enclosure… Read More


Samsung to take on Apple with mini Galaxy Note

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 17, 2013

Samsung of South Korea will later this month take another crack at dethroning the tablet leader Apple by going after the Cupertino firm’s iPad mini, a 7.9-inch mini tablet computer released on November 2, 2012 and starting at $320 for the Wi-Fi only version with sixteen gigabytes of storage.

The new Note reportedly has a 720p (1,280-by-800) Super Clear LCD screen measuring eight inches diagonally and comes with Samsung’s trademark S-Pen. Hardware specifications allegedly aren’t that special as Samsung is possibly using cheaper components in order to undercut the iPad mini on price… Read More


Apple gains partial ban of Samsung Galaxy devices in the Netherlands

By Ed Sutherland on Nov 28, 2012

A European court has banned sales of some Samsung Galaxy devices which violate Apple’s patent on flipping through photos on a touchscreen. Wednesday, the Court of The Hague limited the ban to Galaxy products powered by at least Android 2.2.1 and don’t use Samsung’s own photo gallery software.

Samsung reportedly must pay Apple $129,000 per day if it does not follow the ban, as well as inform the Cupertino, California company how much profit was made from sales of the affected Galaxy products sold since June 27 of last year. This is the second court case Samsung has lost concerning the photo gallery patent… Read More


Kids want an iPad for Christmas – and nothing else

By Ed Sutherland on Nov 20, 2012

Listen up, parents. Your kids want an iPad. Don’t be swayed by the Microsoft Surface commercials or the Nintendo Wii U chatter. No matter whether your child is 6 or 16, the iPad is at the top of Christmas wish lists for 2012, a new survey has it. According to Nielsen Wire, the top four out of five most-wanted gifts for children and teens bear an Apple logo.

Even more intriguing are the changes in what Apple products are wanted this holiday season versus last year. If anything, the trend can be summed-up in one word: tablet… Read More


Apple adds Galaxy Note 10.1 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to Samsung suit

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 6, 2012

Apple’s just expanded its second lawsuit against Samsung, seeking to include the South Korean company’s 10.1-inch Galaxy Note tablet on a list of allegedly infringing products. In addition, the iPhone maker has alleged that Google’s Android version 4.1 software, also known as Jelly Bean, infringes upon its patents. This could be the first time Apple directly sued Android over alleged patent infringement, though it wasn’t immediately clear whether Apple’s complaint involved the entire Android OS or just Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay. The case is scheduled for trial in 2014. And so it continues… Read More


Samsung dazzles with record Q3 earnings, profits rising faster than Apple’s

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 26, 2012

Samsung Electronics, the flagship subsidiary of the Samsung Group and the world’s largest technology company by revenues since 2009, reported earnings for the September quarter and the results are staggering. Year-on-year profit rose 91 percent as the company brought home $5.9 billion in net profit on $47.6 billion in sales, a 26 percent increase.

Operating profit margin also climbed to 18.8 percent. Much of the spoils came from Galaxy devices, especially smartphones where Samsung in the third quarter reigned supreme, grabbing twice Apple’s market share. Apple yesterday reported $8.2 billion in net profit on $36 billion revenues.

While Samsung has a long way to go to match Apple’s profitability, it’s been growing at a faster clip: Apple’s net profit in the September quarter grew 25 percent versus 91 percent for Samsung. No matter how you look at it, Samsung Electronics, which has headquarters in Suwon, South Korea, is evidently on fire. Does it stand a shot at beating Apple on profitability down the road? Read More


Galaxy Note II TV ad sold me on the stylus thing

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 22, 2012

Pundits are holding their breath as Apple is prepping to unleash the iPad mini upon the world, but over at Samsung it’s business as usual. The company’s mobile arm this morning posted to its official YouTube channel an interesting television commercial for the massive 5.55-inch Galaxy Note II phablet.

Now, it’s true the media slammed Samsung over its stylus thing called S-Pen, but I’ll be the first to admit this  30-second ad effectively makes the case for a stylus-based tablet computing. A team of people is seen collaborating on ideas while on the go, using the stylus and apps optimized for it.

It’s not likely Apple will release a stylus-based device in the near future. Remember, Steve Jobs once said, “if you see a stylus, they blew it”. Samsung hardly blew it with the Note: by August, it sold ten million units worldwide. Somebody out there must be loving a stylus on their tablet… Read More


Samsung unveils new Galaxy Note 2 phablet, Android camera

By Cody Lee on Aug 29, 2012

Samsung took the stage today at the annual IFA show in Berlin, Germany to unveil a slew of new devices. The keynote was the first in a long line of scheduled product announcements leading up to Apple’s September 12 iPhone event.

Among the new gadgets Samsung debuted this morning was the long-rumored Galaxy Note II. The device follows up a fairly successful Galaxy Note, which had the internals of a smartphone and the form factor of a mini tablet.

And now, it’s even bigger… Read More


FCC clears Amazon’s iPad contender, Samsung launches Galaxy Note 10.1

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 15, 2012

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet launch a month ago has literally obsoleted Amazon’s seven-inch Kindle Fire overnight. Three weeks ago, Reuters claimed Amazon was working on half a dozen new Android tablets, among them one with a larger display designed to take the iPad on the high-end.

The rumors were true as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) yesterday cleared an Amazon tablet with a larger display. Meanwhile, Samsung today launched its 10.1-inch Galaxy Note tablet with much fanfare.

It comes with a stylus (please, no jokes), has juicy hardware (a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM) plus some interesting multitasking features, such as split-screen functionality and a pop-up video player… Read More


Samsung to launch new Galaxy Note phablet two weeks before iPhone 5

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 3, 2012

From the courtroom to the marketplace, Samsung is adamant to counter Apple’s strides and retain its leadership with new device announcements. Samsung’s strategy of releasing multiple handset and tablet models has paid off. The company’s tablet tablet shipments during the second quarter of this year rose 117.6 percent. The flagship Galaxy S III handset that launched in early-May has become the chief contender to the iPhone and now the company is set to refresh its fabled phablet, the Galaxy Note, which despite naysayers produced some nice numbers… Read More


Samsung to launch Gorilla-sized 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II phablet on August 15

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 23, 2012

Samsung is about to give the phablet a new meaning with the rumored introduction of the Galaxy Note II at a presser scheduled for August 15. A follow up to the last year’s Galaxy Note with a 5.3-inch display, the Note II is apparently thinner and a bit taller. As a result, the display is also said to have grown in size a tad, now measuring a whopping 5.5 inches diagonally.

Just how exactly an average human being is supposed to operate this device is anyone’s guess, though clearly there are people out there who prefer mobile devices that fall somewhere in between a large smartphone and a small tablet.

Apple, of course, is rumored to be addressing the trend of large smartphone displays with the next iPhone, said to be of the same width as existing iPhones, albeit a bit taller, making room for a four-inch displayRead More