Samsung ads mock iPhone X’s lack of a stylus, praise Note 9’s power despite slower chips

Samsung yesterday unveiled Note 9 and what better way to push the new device into public consciousness than a pair of anti-iPhone videos as part of its recent “Ingenious” campaign?

Available via Samsung’s official YouTube channel, the 30-second spots, titled “Power” and “Pen,” depict a faux Apple Store and a goofy employee, named Pat, who doesn’t have the right answers to customers’ questions.


In “Power,” a customer proclaims Note 9 “really powerful,” to which Pat responds by saying, “You know what I think is really powerful? Being able to unlock your phone with your face!”

Unfazed, the customer tells Pat the new Note has that same feature.

Pat, of course, doesn’t bother mentioning that Samsung’s iris scanner is useless because it works with two-dimensional bitmap images and can be easily bypassed. iPhone X remains the only smartphone on the market that has an infrared camera system projecting 30,000 invisible dots an a user’s face to recognize patterns in 3D space.

“Is the X more powerful than the Galaxy Crown? Uh-uh,” writes Samsung.

When Pat says that OS 12 brings group FaceTime with up to 32 people simultaneously, the customer responds by asking “Why would I ever want to do that though?”

Wait, what do the benchmarks say?

The facts: the new Note is slower than iPhone X in terms of both real-world performance and synthetic benchmarks. In fact, the nearly-one-year-old iPhone X with its Apple-designed A11 Bionic chip still manages to leave the latest Samsung flagship smartphone in the dust, not just in terms of Geekbench scores but many other benchmarks as well.

Tom’s Guide ran several benchmarks pitting a Note 9 with its octa-core Snapdragon 845 processor and 6GB of RAM against an iPhone X with Apple’s A11 Bionic chip and 4GB of RAM. The Apple smartphone consistently outperformed the new Note and all other devices in the majority of benchmark tests.

So no, Note 9 is not more powerful nor faster than iPhone X.


In this video, a customer asks about the difference between Sammy’s new Bluetooth stylus and Apple Pencil, to which Pat replies by explaining that Apple Pencil only works on iPad. ”Okay, so what can I use on my phone?”asks the customer. “Uh… your finger?” the genius responds.

Watch the video right below.

“Does the X come with a pen like the Note? Nope,” reads the video’s description.

Look, we’re all perfectly aware that Steve Jobs had an aversion to styluses.

At the original iPhone introduction, the late Apple CEO cautioned attendees that if you see a stylus, “they blew it”. But this is not Steve Jobs’ Apple anymore, it’s Tim Cook’s, and Samsung should be aware that this type of advertising is short-lived because an iPhone with Apple Pencil support is apparently launching next year.

Samsung has now run nine “Ingenious” ads in total. It’s unclear, however, if the new commercials will appear on television. Assuming you’ve watched the videos I’ve embedded in this article, tell us what you think in the commenting section down below.