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An avid Macintosh convert, Jim appreciates the fine, detailed, and progressive products Apple designs. He spent his younger years tinkering with computers, reading about technology, and watching Star Wars. Since 2008, he has worked on improving his Apple arsenal and spends his free time researching latest gadget trends, trying to find the next accessory or app for review. A native of the Commonwealth of Virginia, he enjoys the stiff crease on a well-ironed dress shirt and dons a bow tie on a regular basis. You can catch up with Jim on Twitter, or jim[at]idownloadblog[dot]com

Wallpapers of the week: Apple tribute

by Jim Gresham on Apr 13, 2014

This weekend, Sebastien and I had the pleasure of traveling to Apple HQ with popular jailbreak dev, Filippo Bigarella (@FilippoBiga). We were all in Silicon Valley for JailbreakCon 2014 and decided on Friday to drop by 1 Infinite Loop in hopes of scoring some excellent garb from The Company Store. While we all successfully spent too much money in the store, the highlight was getting inside the secretive office building.

Sebastien posted a tweet asking for an invitation from anyone employed by Apple. Shortly after, we received a response from an avid iDB reader! Of course, I cannot mention his name here, but we fondly call him the “Mystery Man.” While dining at Caffè Macs (yes, we happened to see Sir Jony Ive), Mystery Man mentioned some of his favorite iDB posts are in the Wallpapers of the Week section! Honored to have met a fan, the following walls are sent out to you, Mystery Man, celebrating our recent visit to the Mothership… Read More


Clic: the elegant case that’s barely there

by Jim Gresham on Apr 12, 2014

I have tested many, many cases in my short two year term as a hardware review editor. The one genre of case that I have seen overdone, rinsed and repeated, is the simple clip case. Almost every iPhone hardware company as one. The generic, little flimsy, thin-as-possible case that is just there to keep your phone from getting scratched up.

The trouble with these simple, small, thin cases is lack of detail and, really, passion. Companies seem to pass the thin do-nothing case as their last item at the trash can’s bottom. They just produce it because it is a cheap, quick way to make a buck from people just wanting a simple solution. Native Union is here to correct those notions and is really killing it with their ClicRead More


Wallpapers of the week: galaxy variants

by Jim Gresham on Apr 6, 2014

Another Sunday, another Wallpapers of the Week submission. Guys, keep the comments coming and make sure to catch me on Twitter to share the goods. This week is a featured artist who dropped me a tweet a couple weeks back and I am able to get him in the feed of wallpapers.

The section is only kept popular by the readers like you! To me, there is nothing better than a fresh wallpaper every week, if not every day. Thankfully, this week we have a three-for-one deal, with iPad included. Step past the fold for a quick download… Read More


Just Mobile AluBolt cradles iPhone and iPad mini

by Jim Gresham on Apr 5, 2014

Docks are my favorite iPhone and iPad accessory. I am not exactly sure what about them is enticing, but having my iOS devices propped elegantly at my workstation has been alluring since I first purchased an iPhone. Apple’s products are not just devices for productivity. Apple’s products are works of carefully crafted art.

In that nature, I would rather prop them up as a showcase. You wouldn’t buy a $600 piece of art and let it lay aimlessly around your home. You would place it prominently, making sure others can tell you have great taste. You own an iPhone, right? Apply the same concept… Read More


Download your WWDC 2014 wallpapers here

by Jim Gresham on Apr 3, 2014

Earlier today, Apple announced via a press release its annual developer conference will be held Monday, June 2 at San Francisco’s Moscone West. Each conference and media event Apple holds, a cleverly designed artwork is released along with the announcement. Merely hours later, many fans and graphic artists take their own visions and create iOS wallpapers to celebrate the occasion. Inside this post, find various forms of the WWDC 2014 wallpapers, prepped and ready for your Lock or Home screen… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: mountains to the sea

by Jim Gresham on Mar 30, 2014

Another round of wallpapers awaits everyone in this installment of Wallpapers of the Week. As previously mentioned, we really appreciate everyone commenting and sharing their images in the wallpaper post comments section. Some threads have become quite the gallery of user images and expectations.

Per usual, we take all of these items into consideration when compiling the next set of wallpapers for the section. Returning weekly, will ensure you do not miss any of the great designs, photos, or abstracts… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: abstract iPhone pack

by Jim Gresham on Mar 23, 2014

If it is Sunday, then it is time for Wallpapers of the Week. Last week’s post of still life photographs garnered quite a bit of conversation in the comments section. We appreciate the input, advice, and images shared in the post bottom. Conversations like that are what keeps the iDB community engaged with other readers and the editors.

This week, in a turn from photography, I stumbled across a set of abstract wallpapers. The images, which are an eclectic range from stary night skies to geometric colored shapes, make for some excellent wallpapers… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: still life

by Jim Gresham on Mar 16, 2014

We are headed into another round of wallpapers for the Wallpapers of the Week section. The section continues to evolve with input from readers in the comment section, proving there is a changing lifestyle to the wallpapers posted on the site.

Like most weeks, I want to remind everyone, sharing wallpapers is a great way to help project the section and give your own input. I get emails every week with great wallpapers and some of them make the post! The images do not need to be original works of art, but crediting the artist, when known, is always preferred. Take a step past the fold to get your hands on these still life images… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: city vs nature

by Jim Gresham on Mar 9, 2014

We continue to plug along with the Wallpapers of the Week section, as promised to the readers. Over the past weeks, a new approach began to guide and direct this particular section. iDB prides itself by listening to the comments readers leave on the posts.

In an effort to more effectively provide wallpapers, the new change allows any image to be selected for inclusion. The submissions and choices no longer need to be original works with a known author. To that end, any wallpaper may be considered that is simply stumbled upon or submitted by a reader… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: natural photography

by Jim Gresham on Mar 2, 2014

Continuing to grow with demand and reader input, the Wallpapers of the Week section is a quite popular place on the site for downloads. Additionally, the comment sections are becoming a repository of reader screenshots and images. For that, we thank you.

Over the past two weeks, super hero packs dominated the wallpapers of the week. They were met with much fan fair but it was suggested to move away from “themed” wallpaper sets. While I fully anticipate going back to the wallpaper themed pack options in the future, it is time for a change. Instead of created images, natural photography is stunning, when done correctly… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: super hero pack II

by Jim Gresham on Feb 23, 2014

In response to the feminine pink wallpaper from several weeks ago, the Wallpapers of the Week section turned in a masculine direction. It is known to us, a majority of the readership is male, but who knew a pink wallpaper would upset so many readers.

In an effort to, well, make up for my mistake, I turned to hyper masculine super heroes. Last week I featured a small pack of hero wallpapers to much reader satisfaction. As promised, if the first pack was a big hit, this is the follow up. We listen to our readers and encourage you to keep the feedback coming… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: super hero pack

by Jim Gresham on Feb 16, 2014

Wallpapers are the way we customize our iOS devices. Unless you are a jailbreaker, changing wallpapers is one of the only ways to separate your gadget from the millions of other iPads and iPhones across the world. In an effort to help users personalize their experience, the Wallpapers of the Week section curates some of the best wallpapers each week.

Of course, we listen to our readers. A couple weeks ago, I posted the newest Apple advertising wallpaper, designed to help push iPads for Valentine’s Day. In an overwhelming response, no one had a positive comment to leave at the article’s end. Furthering the effort to man-up the section, several hyper masculine super hero wallpapers are included… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: starred night sky

by Jim Gresham on Feb 9, 2014

Another post arrives in the Wallpapers of the Week section, as the calendar turns to another Sunday. Last week, we posted Apple’s newest teaser wallpaper which debuted in their Valentine’s Day advertisement for iPad Air. As the wallpaper was pink, it seems our hyper masculine readership did not take very well to the selection.

Considering the small rebellion, today the wallpapers are photo images, which is a complete break from any Apple replicated gradient images. We try to monitor the sentiment of readers through the comment section. If you want to help direct the wallpapers, keep the comments coming, but we rely on positive comments too… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: love is in the Air

by Jim Gresham on Feb 2, 2014

This week Apple took to their online store, promoting the latest in suggested Valentine’s Day presents for friends, loved ones, and significant others. In this particular splash image, an iPad Air hovered above a heart shadow with a very pink wallpaper.

I did not think much of the wallpaper used to advertise Apple’s latest tablet, until I began receiving tweets asking about the image. Several dedicated iDB readers know that I collect wallpaper images for this very post. Every Sunday, in the Wallpapers of the Week section, the best images that are stumbled across or sent over, receive highlight in the post. Causing such a stir, I assumed we could all lower our masculine preferences for a week and celebrate pink… Read More


SocialRadar is a new take on location-based people discovery

by Jim Gresham on Jan 30, 2014

Social media is now a social norm. College students procrastinating homework by connecting with others on Facebook started a massive revolution. First, social media was limited through Facebook to only students with college email addresses. Quickly, Facebook became an open platform for everyone to enjoy.

Twitter took fire and is still gaining in popularity with all age groups. However, unlike Facebook, Twitter users are less scared about their grandmother stalking them down. Of course, there is Foursquare, letting users check in to places around the globe. The first platform to truly push geolocation as a primary factor, Foursquare rustled a few feathers, but like all social media, has become quite mainstream, with users less frequently scared to post their whereabouts.

There are many other less mainstream social media platforms and new ones arise everyday. However, not many new services are instantly successful. SocialRadar, launching today, could be the new major social media platform, destine to hang in the ranks of Facebook and Twitter, or at least complement them nicely… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: AR7 graphic, app, and theme

by Jim Gresham on Jan 26, 2014

We come around to another week, celebrating with the Wallpaper of the Week section. Before digging around for new walls, it is important to point out, there were loads of new tweaks released last week for your jailbroken iPhone. Stylistic tweaks are always complimented by the correct wallpaper and we aim to please.

If many of you follow the section regularly, it is no surprise today is a feature of Italian graphic artist AR7. Several of his wallpapers were included in previous posts and he is well known in the community as one of the best wallpaper creators on the net. Take a look inside for a small wallpaper pack, his new app, and a jailbreak theme… Read More


Incipio boasts multiple backup power options

by Jim Gresham on Jan 26, 2014

Right before leaving for CES, I received a survival pack from Incipio. CES survival is not necessarily about human survival, as much as it is about gadget survival. Opening the survival kit revealed an offGRID iPhone 5 Backup Battery Case and the offGRID Portable Backup Battery, both of which came in handy on my trip. An iPhone must eat too and at a large day-long event where signal is weak, battery juice drains like a leaking faucet. 

Having portable power is essential when traveling or even if your older iPhone battery is not fit. Long plane rides are murder on an iOS device when chain smoking videos and Infinity Blade III sessions. Save yourself a dead device and take along a backup battery that is light and powerful… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: Apple logos

by Jim Gresham on Jan 19, 2014

Turning the page on another week, more wallpapers are celebrated as the week’s favorites. Keeping a fresh wallpaper supply is just as important as keeping clean socks ready at a moment’s notice. I change mine constantly, wallpapers that is, and am always scouring for a new image.

Over the past week, Apple enthusiasts were excited to point out the iPhone turned seven. Sebastien, Jeff, and Cody even spoke about their experiences with the launch in Let’s Talk iOS podcast 011. In order to reminisce or show dedicated support for Apple, this week a small set of Apple logo wallpapers are ready for iPad and iPhone… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: frosted and freezing

by Jim Gresham on Jan 12, 2014

Heading into the second half of our first year, the Wallpaper of the Week section continues to be a popular location within the iDB web community. At the turn of 2014, we ran down some of the most popular articles during the year. I am excited to say, the wallpapers had a great footprint, even though it only started during the late summer months.

I continue to receive submissions from readers, which helps populate the section. With the new format, readers can submit any wallpapers they think are excellent options, regardless of authorship. Future posts include images that were either rounded up from across the web or submitted by users. Today, there is a mixture of both… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: warmth in the cold

by Jim Gresham on Jan 5, 2014

As we enter the new year, we are celebrating with more wallpapers. This is the beginning of a seven month climb into the Wallpaper of the Week section. If you are keeping close tabs on the installments, we are trying a new platform. Now, readers are encouraged to send in their excellent wallpapers for consideration in the post. We feel like this will further engage our readership and help everyone feel more connected to the site.

With the new format in mind, there are potentially hundreds of submissions that may come any given week. I make it a point to look through the images, but sometimes it is less timely than others. I appreciate everyones’ interest in the section and hope you look forward to it each week… Read More

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