Instagram lets you optionally disable showing your activity and online status to friends and followers

Sending direct messages to your Instagram friends and followers over the content you love is fun, but sometimes you don’t want anyone on the service to see your online status.

Seeing when someone’s active on Instagram

Here’s how you can see when someone’s active on Instagram:

  • Instagram—A green dot that appears next to their user name and photo on Instagram, Direct inbox and your friend list when sharing a post from feed.
  • Direct inbox—In your Direct inbox, you’ll see your friends’ and followers’ most recent activity status, like “Active 25m ago”, “Active yesterday”, “Seen”, “Typing” and so forth.

You’ll only see status for folks who follow you or friends who you’ve talked to in Direct.

Seeing the green dot may encourage a follower to message you more often than they normally would. The good news is, you can hide your Instagram activity status temporarily, but keep in mind that doing so will prevent you from seeing anyone else’s status on the service.

Here’s how.

How to hide your activity status on Instagram

You can adjust the visibility of your own activity status in Instagram’s settings.

1) Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or iPad.

2) Tap the Profile tab at the bottom.

3) Tap the cog gear.

4) Tap Activity Status.

5) Slide the switch next to Activity Status to the OFF position.

Hiding your online activity and status from Instagram friends and followers is easy, thanks to in-app settings

From now on, none of the people you’ve interacted with on Instagram will be permitted to see your online status, though they can still message you without restrictions. To re-enable the Activity Status feature, just toggle the switch to the ON position.

Again, hiding your own activity status prevents you from seeing anyone else’s. Before signing off, it’s good to know that this feature is a server-side update so no download is required on your end.

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