As if the circumstances surrounding the current jailbreak situation weren’t dire enough already, Apple has stopped signing both 11.1.1, iOS 11.1.2, and tvOS 11.1.

The latest move by the Cupertino-headquartered company makes it impossible to downgrade to firmware versions vulnerable to Ian Beer’s recently-publicized tfp0 exploit until downgrading tools receive support for iOS 11. That said, hopefully everyone had adequate time to prepare their devices beforehand.

Under the current circumstances, iTunes now directs anyone restoring their device to update to iOS 11.2.1. On the other hand, it’s still possible to install iOS 11.2 by using Option + Click on Mac (Shift + Click on Windows) when restoring the device. As always, you can get the firmware file from our downloads page.

Apple regularly stops signing older firmware versions a few weeks after a new release to prevent downgrades and keep users on the latest firmware possible. It’s also a measure to thwart jailbreaking, which often requires older firmware versions without patches for the vulnerabilities used in the jailbreak process.

The frequent software updates make it more challenging for hackers to keep up. Consequently, it becomes a chore updating and releasing new jailbreak tools as often as Apple updates iOS, which is part of the reason why we don’t see new jailbreak tool releases as often as we used to.

Nevertheless, Apple has a moral responsibility to keep everyone’s data secure from hackers, especially given just how much of our lives we store on our smartphones these days. That said, they’re doing the right thing by patching security exploits despite how it doesn’t work in the jailbreak community’s favor.

Although Apple isn’t signing iOS 11.1.2 and tvOS 11.1 anymore, those running it as per our recommendation won’t be forced to upgrade to iOS 11.2.1. Still, it might be wise to disable Over the Air updating to prevent accidental upgrades and ensure that you keep a potentially-jailbrakable device handy for the future.

You can actively track what versions of iOS Apple signs with the handy website.

Did you downgrade to iOS 11.1.2 in time before the signing window closed? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Noam

    luckily I did updated to 11.1.2 in time (Yesterday) from my recent jailbreak of 9.3.3. I’m crossing my finger and hope I did the right move and there will be jailbreak from Ian Beer very soon.

    • Vinnie Bones

      Let go of your untethered jailbreak huh? You’re a much much bigger man than I am.

  • Wolf2000

    I have saved all the blobs2- i am able To Upgrade with prometheus from 9.3.3 to ios11.1.2?

  • Geo

    Let’s picture why Apple STOP signing the older iOS. It’s very simple. Because of the morons who post there’s a possible jailbreak in the 1st place.

    • Mark S

      Take your tin foil hat off and go outside and talk to humans before it’s too late for you.

    • M_Hawke

      LOL and how would the jb community know of a jb if it wasn’t posted? And in the Internet, nothing is secret.

    • Neil Nguyen

      that’s really stupid. apple patch every OS after a few weeks within a new updates :l ever since it first came out.

  • Mark S

    I think apple is far less concerned about raining on jailbreakers parades than keeping the typical consumer on the most secure os. You give the jb community FAR too much credit.

  • Solkirr

    iPhone 8 Plus: check , clear skin on back to protect glass: check , glass screen protector: check , Otterbox Defender case: check , all blobs saved: check , tvOS beta profile: check…. bring on iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak !!!!

  • Ali Majid

    If any one seeing this
    I need youtube offline downloader please i was using one but ios 11 compatibly is bad for

    • Okada San

      Get the Documents 6 app from the App Store. It’s free. I’m able to download from YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and others. Watch a tutorial on YouTube on how to download content. It’s easy and allows me to watch content without eating my data plan.

      • Mario Mendez

        I don’t see it in the AppStore on iOS 11.

  • Vinnie Bones

    Already see ppl crying on reddit with “I was gonna do it this weekend” talk

  • nathan stout

    It was already impossible to downgrade. Every time I tried, I was forced again to upgrade back to 11.2.1 when setting up my phone. I don’t know if this got over looked by you guys but it prevented me and many other people from getting on 11.1.2

    • Mario Mendez

      that sucks

    • Seth Argue

      We’re you trying to restore a backup once you downgraded to 11.1.2?

      • nathan stout

        Yeah from iCloud. I can’t imagine that I would have to fresh restore and lose all my data to get this jailbreak. That doesn’t seem right.

      • Seth Argue

        You would have had to manually backup on iTunes and edit some plist files to be able to use the backup

  • Mario Mendez

    I didn’t get time to save my iOS 11.1.2 blobs ?

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      If you check tss1conan.. Insert your ECID, you could get your blobs.. I forgot to save mine and it was there on record.

      • Mario Mendez

        I’ll try that.

    • Ahmed Raza

      I have my blobs but how can I downgrade, no tools are available yet ?

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    This happened at the worst time. I did downgrade my phone but ever since Installed the tv iOS profile last night to stop it from updating, my phone has become crazy slow! Freezing for seconds on end. I did use the update to 11.1.2 instead of restore but it worked fine and my phone was fine. I was gonna re update but of course now they stopped signing so I can’t. Even reboots don’t fix it. Maybe deleting the iOS beta profile was a mistake I don’t know so I’m reinstalling that. If my phone continues acting up I’m just gonna say screw the jailbreak and go back to 11.2

  • yoshstreetbgr

    I think apple is far less concerned about raining on jailbreakers parades than keeping the typical consumer on the most secure os. You give the jb community way too much credit as some kind of threat to apple.

  • Arjan Vlek

    Downgraded my iPod 6g to 11.1.2 last Thursday (just in time!) and disabled OTA updates using the AppleTV beta profile. It’s now laying in a drawer, waiting to get a jailbreak some day in the future. I rarely use it but for listening music when I go out for a run (which still works on 11.1.2). I like to jailbreak it just for fun (like in the good old days of jailbreaking iPod 2g on 3.1.2)…

  • Metalreality

    I have a iPhone 7 plus running 11.1 should i stay with this or go ahead and upgrade ? More of a chance of jailbreak for new software right so why not upgrade?

    • big Rafa

      that was explained very well from the article lol

  • 9to5Slavery

    Omg was going to update yday but fkn couldn’t because updating needs verified over home wifi instead of cellular tethering

  • ravinigga

    I downgrade 2 days ago to 11.1.2 but make my iPhone X slow and unresponsive. And updated 11.2.1

  • Raffay

    I am still on ios 11.0.1 … Is there any hope for me ?

    • RobDigital413

      Just added popcorn time and safari to my Apple TV