Poll: Have you downgraded to iOS 11.1.2 yet?

With a powerful tfp0 exploit for iOS 11.0-11.1.2 out in the wild, the future looks somewhat bright for an iOS 11 jailbreak. On the other hand, you don’t have long to get your devices on iOS 11.1.2 before Apple stops signing the supported firmware.

Not only has iOS 11.2 been out for some time, but Apple just released iOS 11.2.1 on Wednesday, which means the signing window could be closer than ever to closing.

Because time is of the essence, we’ve made this poll to spread further awareness about the current situation and to discern just how many people plan to prepare their device(s) for a potential iOS 11 jailbreak.

You can cast your response in the poll widget below:

Many are having trouble making their decision about staying on their current firmware or installing iOS 11.1.2. With that in mind, we created a detailed FAQ post regarding what you should do.

If you’ve decided to move forward with installing iOS 11.1.2, and aren’t sure how, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that we made a detailed tutorial to walk you through that process.

From all perspectives, the current situation (for lack of a better word) sucks. If an iOS 11 jailbreak does become a reality, then most tweak developers will probably develop for the iOS 11 platform rather than iOS 10, which leaves those with iOS 9/10 jailbreaks in the dust.

Sadly, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. There will be both pros and cons to any decision you make in this case. Overall, however, the choice to install iOS 11.1.2 is totally up to you, and some folks might be in a “leap of faith” sort of mood.

Have you made up your mind about what to do? Let us know in the comments section below!