Internally code-named “D22”, the bezel-less form factor of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 was revealed to the world thanks to developer Steve Troughton-Smith who was able to uncover a glyph for the device from the leaked HomePod firmware.

Thanks to another iOS developer, Guilherme Rambo‏, you can now watch the full animation where that now famous glyph is used.

Guilherme posted the animation on Twitter. It’s nothing earth-shattering, but we though we’d better share this with you guys for the discussion’s sake.

He isn’t sure where exactly this animation might be used.

To me, this is clearly intended to illustrate that the user should bring up the device to their face.

As such, it looks like something that might be associated with Apple Pay (because the Pearl ID facial recognition feature is said to supplant Touch IDit’s that good, if not better).

That being said, I’m actually more inclined toward it being used to instruct the user to hold the phone in front of their face to scan in the initial training process for the Pearl ID face scanner.

Other people have noted that it looks like an illustration of an NFC tap as part of the iOS setup process, but it could also be used elsewhere throughout the system.

Where do you think this “D22” glyph animation will be used?

  • I really hope they haven’t gone the facial recognition route, it’s notoriously bad and easy to fake, plus I don’t imagine it being super effective in low light situations where there’s enough light that the supposed infrared light will not activate but not enough light to make it a decent image.

    Also, why are all these rumours pertaining to a definite iPhone 8 release? What’s so certain that they won’t follow their pattern and make it the iPhone 7s?

    • Infrared light does not illuminate objects. It’s invisible to the human eye and bounces off objects, allowing the sensor to build a 3D map.

      It’s got nothing to do with the front camera recording and analyzing the pixels. The facial recognition would use a dedicated infrared sensor to build a 3D map of your face regardless of lighting conditions.

      • Well, infrared is visible to cameras, shine your TV remote into your camera and you’ll see. But I digress, do you mean the infrared will always be on? I just figured it was activated when the light was too low, basically like night vision.

      • That won’t be the same infrared spectrum like your TV remote. Dunno if it’ll be always on, but that dedicated sensor PrimeSense engineers built will be capable of 3D sensing, 3D mapping etc. Kinect uses old gen PrimeSense tech so this give some you a nice taste of the things to come to iPhone via this new sensor

      • It doesn’t need to be always-on, only activated when unlocking the device, switching apps, accessing keychain passwords, etc things like that

  • Alan

    Perhaps it’s used during the initial setup of the facial recognition software. Supposedly, it will map your face so it can be scanned/authenticated even when the phone is lying flat on a surface. If so, then during initial setup, wouldn’t the phone need to be tilted and moved around to capture the 3D facial map from multiple angles? Similar to how you need to reorient your finger multiple times when setting up TouchID.

  • DT

    Lord. It’s the same exact animation currently used for Apple Pay. SAME EXACT!

    Fake news.

  • Jamessmooth

    Apple Pay. I can see this being used to instruct the user to pick up the phone and align it with your face to complete the payment transaction. This is exciting stuff guys!

    • Bill

      Sounds easy to make erroneous payments. No thanks.

    • DT

      If that’s the case, then explain why the exact same icon is currently in the wallet, and has been for quite some time. It’s just telling users to move the phone down to the NFL terminal.

  • I call fake. The rounded corners on the notch go from straight to rounded.