Apple accidentally reveals iPhone 8 form factor and ‘Pearl ID’ face recognition feature

Sometimes the best iPhone leaks come from Apple itself.

In an early release of the upcoming HomePod firmware, Apple has left behind a few clues that seem to reveal the existence of the next iPhone’s face detection unlocking feature, as well as the overall form factor of the device.

First confirmed by developer Steve Troughton-Smith who dug into the code is the presence of ‘Pearl ID’ in BiometricKit, a long-rumored infrared (IR) unlocking feature based on facial recognition. IR is necessary to offer facial recognition in dark environments.

At this point, it is not sure whether Pearl ID will be the official name of the feature, or if it will be called a more descriptive name such as Face ID.

Adding to the findings, iOS developer Guilherme Rambo looked into the HomePod firmware as well and found out that the codename for the upcoming iPhone 8 is D22. The mention of an ‘iPhone9,9’ could relate to the upcoming iPhone 7s.

Finally, the HomePod firmware contains a glyph for device D22 as further evidence of the overall form factor of the iPhone 8. The glyph, seen at the top of this post, shows an edge-to-edge iPhone with no apparent Home button, and a notch at the top that will likely include earpiece and various sensors, including IR.

That glyph confirms the various iPhone 8 leaks we have seen over the last few weeks. The glyph is either a confirmation of the various iPhone 8 leaks we have seen over the last few weeks, or represents major trolling from Apple who would have gone to great length for leading iOS developers like Rambo and Troughton-Smith onto fake paths. Strangely enough, the iOS for the HomePod is still available for download at the time of writing.

With September approaching, we are sure to see more and more leaks, accidental or not, about the new upcoming devices, including iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, and HomePod.