If the augmented reality (AR) tape measure app we recently featured has gotten you excited for the possibilities that Apple’s ARKit framework brings to developers, you’re wholeheartedly recommended to watch this video demonstration of an upcoming ARKit-driven app that will let you take precise room measurement by pointing your iPhone’s camera at the corners.

The app will help generate 3D models and automatically calculate the footage for the user. It’s a really cool-looking demo and I can’t wait to try this app out when it releases.

Watch the demonstration video below.

The app was created by a company called Smart Pictures, which provides the Measurement Cloud system that enables dimensioning intelligence for the interior world.

Here’s a recent ARKit-powered tape measure demo that set the Internet on fire.

This level of precision is made possible by ARKit’s accurate plane detection and reliable object tracking. On existing devices, the ARKit framework leverages data from on-board sensors and uses computer vision algorithms constantly analyzing live camera feed.

ARKit-driven apps should be even better on iPhone 8 because Apple’s OLED iPhone is said to feature a dedicated 3D laser sensor on both its front and back for even better augmented reality features and faster, more precise autofocus.

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  • George Trad

    I love this.

  • nonchalont

    That’s neat.

  • jacjustjac

    There was an app that did similar room measuring using the camera and gyroscope back in 2011, and it did it with my 4S. It’s great how much faster and more accurate these are now, but not surprising. The biggest advantage is for the developers of course, now that it’s relatively easy for anyone to make an app like this and with far more accuracy since Apple seems to have done the heavy lifting for you.